3 Reasons Why Vero Beach in Florida is the Next Hottest Destination


When it comes to the best destination spots in the United States, surely you will be flooded with a number of options. Almost all states in the US have something to offer and can appeal to a diverse set of travelers and thrill seekers. Just take the case of Florida, off the east coast of the US. For the last few years, the state of Florida has become a choice destination for those looking for family-themed fun and adult entertainment. The ‘Sunshine State’ has positioned itself as a crowd favorite, thanks to classic destinations like the popular national parks (Everglades National Park), theme parks and vineyards. But there’s another reason why you should book another trip to Florida. Why not consider a trip and a weekend getaway at the Vero Beach, and experience what others have been raving about in the last few months. Here are three popular reasons why Vero Beach should move up on your bucket list.

Vero Beach as a One-Stop Travel Destination

When planning to visit a city or a tourist destination, you normally think of a single or a few activities that can be completed in the area. This is not the case with Vero Beach, a refreshing city located along the state’s Atlantic Coast. The city is not just a place for water sports like kayaking; it is also a great place where you can enjoy the natural wonders of Florida. Here, you can join nature tours, or simply relax along the many hotels and inns that line up its shorelines. By signing for nature tours, you will discover why Vero Beach is part of the ‘Treasure Coast’.

Experience the Wonders of Nature

Although the area is home to productive waters where you can paddle your kayak to find the freshest catch of the day, Vero Beach provides other options in case you want variety in outdoor activities. For example, you can join late night turtle tours, where your group will explore the area to find turtle nests. Speaking of the kayak, you can use your preferred kayak to explore the Indian River Lagoon, an area home to 3,000 species of flora and fauna.

Dine and Have Fun

You will never get hungry when in the area. Since Vero Beach has become a hit to many travelers and tourists, new restaurants and cafes have sprouted in the area. These new cafe and restaurants now offer some of the freshest produce and catch from the area. Of course, the star of many cafes and restaurants are seafood, including but not limited to pompano, cobia, triple tail and many local fishes, or any one of the 15 grouper species. If you are a lobster or crab fan, you will also find your restaurant in the area.

With a fantastic combination of outdoor and water-based activities and good food, Vero Beach is indeed positioned as one of the best spots for a weekend getaway for groups of friends in Florida.