4 Things to Remember in Psilocybin Microdosing

Many are unaware that they’re doing psilocybin microdosing wrong. Learn how to do shroommicrodosing right here to guarantee the best effects. 

Psilocybecubensis, also known as magic mushrooms, contain psilocybin a hallucinogenic compound. Many use the substance for its psychedelic effects. However, some consume psilocybin without the intention of getting ‘high.’ Some take psilocybin to improve their physical performance, mood, and creativity. Small doses can alleviate stress, anxiety, depression, and other psychiatric conditions.

Here is when microdosing takes place. Microdosing is a technique that many uses to consume psychedelics to avoid experiencing its psychoactive effects. Taking small doses of the hallucinogen allows a person to acquire its benefits while keeping the body and mind in the best shape. Experts otherwise refer to it as psychedelic therapy.

Microdosing applies to all psilocybecubensis strains. However, it is commonly used for consuming potent strains like Golden Teacher and others mentioned in this source, 3amigos.co. While microdosing is a common practice in the psychonaut world, there are a few things to take note of before practicing it. Here it is.

#1 Determine Your Goal 

Remember that there are a wide variety of magic mushroom strains. Some have mild effects on the body, whereas others have high potency and are capable of inducing intense hallucinations.

It is significant to determine your goal before taking magic mushrooms. For example, do you want to increase your creativity or improve your physical performance? Or, do you want to experience a spiritual awakening?

Microdosing is suitable only for individuals seeking physical and mental enhancement. It boosts the physical and mental capacity of a person without suffering from hallucinations. If you intend to seek shamanic effects, microdosing could not help you achieve that goal.

#2 Choose a Magic Mushroom Strain

The suggested dosage for psychedelic microdosing is 0.25 grams. However, the effect of the substance will differ according to the variant. A 0.25 gram of a more potent strain has a higher impact compared to a 0.25 gram of a less potent shroom. Therefore, the effect of the dosage will primarily depend on the potency of the magic mushroom strain.

#3 Buy from a Trusted Source

Beware that the legal status of magic mushrooms remains a huge question. Thus, be careful in buying shrooms at physical markets, especially in locations where the government prohibits the trading, marketing, and any form of usage of the substance.

The most common way to get a shroom is through online sources. Several reliable virtual shroom distributors sell authentic and high-quality psilocybecubensis. These stores sell everything from consumable products to grow kits.

#4 Dried Shrooms are Better

Most magic mushrooms sold online or at physical stores are dried. Although some are powdered, many prefer dried shrooms due to their higher potency.

If you are going to buy dried shrooms, you need to remember that the shroom’s caps contain a higher concentration of psilocybin compared to the stems. For microdosing, experts advise using the stems for consistent and accurate micro-dosage. It is not advisable to mix the caps and stems since they differ in psilocybin concentration.