5 Tips to Make your Sentence Powerful

Are you curious about how do successful blog writers convince their readers? Check this post to find out.

Writing is pretty easy but building a connection with the readers is quite challenging for most new writers. So, how do you make your writing work convincing? Simple; make every sentence powerful.

Powerful sentence sparks curiosity, grab’s the reader’s attention, and drives them to continue reading. But how do you make your sentences powerful? Here are some writing tips on how to make your sentence powerful and convincing:

Tip #1: Remove the extras

One of the common mistakes that most new writers do is writing long sentences that do not convey extra meaning. Writing long sentences does not mean it is powerful. Sometimes, it contains several useless words. So, cut down the extras. Remove the words that make your sentence compelling.

Example: Due to the fact that Marian was busy at work she couldn’t come to the party.

Short: Marian couldn’t come to the party because she is busy at work.

Keep your sentences short, but they should sound smart.

Tip #2: Break it down

Shorter sentences are easy to digest, while longer ones will make your readers tired and bored. Don’t get this wrong; not all long sentences are bad. However, most of it is hard to read, causing the readers to stop paying attention to the message.

Example: The sad girl woke up to find her hair had grown beautifully long and was wearing a beautiful ball gown and a pair of silver shoes that matches her gown.

The sentence presented is rambling, causing you to wander off from its true meaning.

How to fix it?


You should break the sentence down. Then, use a full stop to add power to the words. Also, use the correct conjunction to connect the ideas of each sentence. Lastly, you need to be creative when you break down the long sentences.

Correct: The sad girl woke up to find her hair had grown beautifully long. Also, she was wearing a beautiful ball gown with a matching pair of silver shoes.

Tip #3: Get to the point

Again, this draws you back to avoid long sentences.

To attract attention and to make your readers stay, you should get to the point. Do not try to be tricky or crafty in writing double meanings. Not everyone would take too much of their time to decipher complex sentences. Instead, get to the point. Tell your idea or opinion to the readers, plain and clear.

Tip #4: Avoid passive voice

Using passive voice does not make a sentence strong. Instead, it slows down the flow of your work.

Example: The small tree was knocked down by the strong wind.

Correct: The strong wind knocked the small tree down.

Make sure to replace the passive voice with action verbs. If you have a hard time spotting passive voice, try using the Sentence check tool – a grammar tool that spots and provides possible correction on grammar error.

Tip #5: Start and end your sentence strong

To pique your reader’s interest, start your writing work with powerful sentences. And to make it memorable, end it with a bang.