5 Wallet Essentials




A wallet is one of the most important things you should be carrying with you once you leave the house. It holds most of, if not all, your essential items. You have your cash, your cards, your IDs, licenses and more. However, your wallet can only carry so much. It would be impossible for you to squeeze in all the cards, receipts and other papers in it. Here are 5 of the essential things that you should have in your wallet.

  1. Emergency Cash

These days, you do not have to carry that much cash with you just to be able to get by a day outside your home. Most shops and restaurants accept different kinds of credit and debit cards from their customers. You could even go to the nearest ATM machine if you happen to get in a store that only accepts cash. But, still, you have to have at least a twenty dollar bill or a fifty in your wallet just in case, especially if you are going to some rural places where ATMs are just too far apart.

  1. Credit Card / Debit Card

As mentioned earlier, you would be using plastic money more often than cash. However, it would be too impractical to bring all your debit and credit cards with you if you are only going to the office or just doing your usual daily routine. Unless you would be going on a shopping spree, just take at least one credit card and one debit card with you.

  1. Drivers License / ID

Any form of identification should be in your wallet at all times. You should have your drivers license with you whenever you leave the house. If you do not have one, at least you should have your company ID or school ID to prove your identity. But, you shouldn’t fill up your wallet with unnecessary IDs like club or membership IDs if you are not going to use them for the day.

  1. Business Cards

There might be times when you would be meeting some clients or you would be in a situation where you need to exchange some contact information with someone important. Keep about two or three business cards in your wallet. Unless you are going out to advertise yourself, you would not need more than that.

  1. Medical Insurance Card

You would never know if some emergency situations would happen and you would need your medical insurance. But, you do not have to put all your insurance records in your wallet. Only your medical insurance card will do as it does not take up a lot of space. Keeping your wallet as thin and as organized as it should be would not only make it easier for you to find stuff in it, it would also help you avoid pickpockets. Slim wallets are very popular these days as they are very convenient to carry around every day. Although they look rather slim, they can carry all the essential things mentioned above. You can read some honest reviews of men’s slim wallets here.