A Guide to Finding the Best Colored Pencils

Art is more important now than ever. In today’s digital age, it’s very easy for many of us to create modern masterpieces using the latest technology. However, there are still some of us who prefer using more traditional media. There’s just something about creating a sculpture, portrait or drawing by hand that doesn’t compare with works of art that are crafted on a computer.

More and more people are getting involved in drawing and coloring. Adult coloring books have become increasingly more popular over the last several years. They are a great stress reliever and another way for people to express their creativity. Crayons and colored pencils are in high demand for visual artwork. Here’s a quick guide to the different types that you can buy: Here you can also see a few more suggestions on the best color pencils.

There are four basic types:

  1. Wax pencils. These pencils are bound together with wax. They come in either soft or hard pencil cores and are one of the most popular kinds of colored pencils that you can buy. They also produce bloom, which is a thin layer of powder film that is found after the color has been used. They are great for everyday use, but they are more apt to wear down faster or break easier than other pencils.
  2. Oil pencils. These pencils are made from vegetable oil. They are usually more durable and longer-lasting than wax pencils.
  3. Water-soluble pencils. These pencils can be either oil-based or wax-based, and they can either come with soft or hard pencil cores. They have an added emulsifier, which lets the pigment become liquefied when water is added to it.
  4. Graphite pencils. These are colored pencils with graphite cores or artificial colored leads that are used in mechanical pencils.

There are many different brands and manufacturers, too many to list here. You can usually find a good set of colored pencils for about $10 or more, depending on the quantity and quality of the pencils.

Other supplies you may want to buy for this kind of art are :

  1. Erasers. Kneaded, white vinyl and imbibed erasers are usually most effective for erasing any colored pencil marks. There are even electric erasers you can buy that either run on electricity or batteries.
  2. Pencil sharpener. If you’re going to be doing a lot of drawing or coloring, you may want to invest in a good electric pencil sharpener. They also come in models that run on either batteries or electricity. You can go old-school and use a manual pencil sharpener, but they’re usually not as effective and require more work on your part.
  3. Solvent. The solvent is used for blending different oil and wax-based colored pencils. There are different kinds of solvent that you can buy. Each of them yields different results. Rubber cement, bleach, mineral spirits, and rubbing alcohol are some of the more common kinds of solvents that are used in creating works of art.
  4. Brushes. Brushes are used for applying solvent and water-soluble pencils. This helps to add texture and resolution to your drawings and other creations.

The best colored pencils for you really depends on your needs and uses. There are plenty of products to choose from. Just keep in mind that you usually get what you pay for, so if you’re planning to use them a lot, don’t choose the cheapest brand you can find. They should last long enough to provide many hours of drawing and coloring enjoyment for years to come.