AGadget Fishing Lure Tackle Box review

As anglers say and believe, fishing is enjoyable even more than any other thing. Some claim that the worst day while fishing is better than the best day of any other work. However, fish is a water species that is difficult to understand. They are finicky, picky, and difficult to lure. What does that mean? Without the right bait, you will end with nothing on the shoreline.

Your fishing bait greatly influences the success of your trip to the shoreline. Therefore, you need to choose the right lure to be sure of a great day at the end of the fishing trip. Fishing lures come in a variety with different colors, sizes, shapes, and every type of fish has its specific diet. With AGadget Fishing Lure Tackle Box, you are assured of a great day on the water, as you’ll not go home empty-handed. The lure tackle is suitable for advanced beginners and intermediate anglers. Read this post.

Product Features and Package

Spoons are always the most known lure for catching fish because they work. This lure tackle offers 12 pieces metal spoon, which will enable you to catch fish every time thus making your fishing experience more fun. The weight of the metal spoon bait that comes with the lure tackle box varies, and it ranges between 2.5 and 10 grams.

Furthermore, the size of the tackle box measures 8.0 x 4.0 x 5 inches. The package also includes one fishing lure kit and one tape hook and loop. Other Features include

  • 6 PCS hard plastic lures, which are minnow popper
  • 67 PCS soft plastic lures including frog lures and shrimp worm
  • 118 PCS fishing tackle, which includes 70 PCS and others such as Jighead offset hook bullet

Product’s Users

The tackle box is suitable for intermediate skill fisher. AGadget product comes with a limited warranty. Its warranty period extends for about 3 months from the date of the purchase. Additionally, the product’s warranty has some restriction; you have to buy it from AGadget in order to be eligible for the warranty. During this warranty period, AGadget will replace for you without any charge and return it in working condition.


  • The lures come in a variety of colors and sizes


  • The warranty period is short and limited


Although fishing is a fun activity, it’s challenging. Knowing that no single lure works for all fish species, you need to choose the best bait because they offer an opportunity to the anglers to be creative and successful during the fishing trip. Having AGadget fishing lure is a sure way that you will go home with a good catch after your fishing exercise because it offers a wide variety of lures.