Avoid Eye Strain By Using Reading Light

For most people, reading is one of the go-to hobbies that will not only provide you with the relaxation you need but it is also a way to broaden your knowledge. Some people call themselves bookworms; by them calling themselves this term states that they are fond in reading books and are constantly with it.  You will often see these people lounging in coffee shops or even in parks; everywhere they go, they will have a book or two with them.

Reading is good but reading without proper lighting will be bad for your health; most especially for your eyes. Although some say that reading in the dark will not have a lifelong effect on one’s eyes, it will still lead to possible eye strain. When constant eye strain occur, this will then result to a much bigger problem. For those who are constantly reading despite the circumstances whether there is proper lighting or not, consider having with you a book light at all times.

What is a book light?

As its name indicates, it is a small light used when reading a book in a dark setting. It is similar to lamps but a book light is small and portable; it is usually clipped on the book being used. Wherever you are or will go, you can have with you your own book light; as it is best for travel.

There is a strong competition when it comes to book light marketing. Due to the demand, manufacturers have been producing book lights with different styles and designs; but not all of them are guaranteed helpful and worth your money.  For those who are searching for a good book light, it is best to visit any helpful site to help you decide which brand or what kind of book light you should get.

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Meanwhile, here is a short review of one of the most recommended Book Light in the market today.

Raniaco LED Reading Light

The Raniaco LED reading light has a three (3) adjustable brightness. If you can’t sleep at night and would want to read a book but don’t want to disturb whoever you are sharing your room with, the low light setting is best for it. Also, you can adjust the brightness with its amazing touch switch; easy to access and easy to adjust. Here are some of its features.


  • It is equipped with a built in 1000mAh Rechargeable Battery with a USB Interface Design
  • It is easy to use as it has clip Base or you can also use a stand
  • Equipped with a 360 Degrees rotating twisted tube that is adjustable and has flexible design
  • With 12 LED bulbs and a long battery life that runs up to 24 Hours