Best metal detector brads on the market

Below is a list of the best metal detector brands on the market that you can choose from but you can also read more here.

1. Hunter TK4 Tracker IV

This is the most popular metal detector, it relatively cheap and readily available. It offers high-quality detection even in extreme conditions. Hunter TK4 Tracker IV is in a position to detect objects up to two feet deep and coin-sized metals up to eight inches deep. Hunter TK4 Tracker IV can discover silver aluminum, brass gold, iron, and steel.

It also has easy to use interface that makes it favorable to many first time users; the non-digital display makes it cost effective. It also has discrimination mode that makes it possible to search of focus a specific metal.

2. Fisher F22

Fisher F22 is a weatherproof and tough condition that causes it loved and treasured by many people. It offers the best and efficient search for metals like coins or jewelry and other artifacts. It can detect metals up to nine inches deep; its waterproof condition makes it valuable to be used during rainy seasons.

3. Best Waterproof: The Garrett AT Pro

This is the best metal proof that you can use to search for those treasures that are submerged, with Garrett AT Pro you can do complete submersion underwater. It can still function well when submerged ten feet of water.

4. Fisher F75

This is best used on the beach; it is powered by two AA batteries that keep it on up to 40 hours. It contains a rain cover that prevents it from being damaged when it rains. It includes a unique double filter that discriminates what metal you want to collect or detect and is capable of searching trashy areas like the beach

5. Tesoro Silver uMax

Tesoro Silver uMax offers the best quality that other metal detectors provide within the same price range. Tesoro Silver uMax is powered by a 9-volt battery that keeps it last longer than anticipated. It is cost effective as it does not rely on digital output to display.

These are the best metal detectors that you have to look at when choosing an indicator to search for your lost treasures.