Best Powered Speakers for DJs of 2018

Powered speakers are a very crucial component of every setup that DJ needs. The speakers need to provide the best audio experience on stage. Therefore, the best-powered speakers a DJ needs is the one that seems to reliable enough mostly in a paid performance. There are many powered speakers on the market as for now, here we look at the best speakers based on their features and quality. Feel free to see more at

New Mackie Thump 15

The classy speakers released early this year has a low thumping end that peoples deserve. Its light weight makes it portable than previous series. The speakers have a high power output of over 1000 watts. This proves the excellent performance of the speakers. Besides delivering sustained performance in the entertainment industry, the speakers can be connected directly to the microphone. In short, the speakers are very efficient to use.

JBL professional EON612

The multipurpose and high precise powered speaker was designated in a perfect technology way. It is a redesign of previous EON speakers released in 2017. The speaker is affordable, and also its interface is user-friendliness. The monitor has a frequency of 20 kHz. Also, the speaker has a Bluetooth connection. This allows remote wireless connection from Android and IOS devices. The overall performance of this improvement is impressive.

Bose Professional F1

It was the very fast powered speakers to have a vertical control pattern design in 2018. This means that a DJ can adjust the speaker to the desirable level. It is adaptable to every listening environment since it is flexible. Also, it is more compatible thus can fit in the car. The system is accompanied by a subwoofer which is fixed behind the Flexible allay. The Bose speaker adjust itself to an optimum tonal balance.

Electro-Voice ZLX-12P

It is very compact and lightweight. It can is therefore portable to lift from one place to another. It is commonly used in small venues since its tiny than other speakers. Its amplified sound is delightful. The super bolt in DSP makes it the best to choose from a variety. The overall design is fantastic. From well-placed handles to an ideal and unique shape makes it perfect. The location of the settings is easy to locate. Indeed the speakers are very impressive and efficient to be used on stage by DJ. The uniqueness of its features makes it stand out from other powered speakers in term of its performance.

Yamaha DBR10

Though it’s a plastic speaker, it produces a pretty louder sound than other speakers. Its weight of 10.5 kg makes it comfortable to carry. Another common feature here is the presence of basic mixing facilities; this enables the speaker to be used alone for simpler tasks. It project sound perfectly to the audience. This Yamaha speaker can handle the sharp sounds of a guitar very well. With a slot to add another speaker alongside it, it delivers vocal across the whole room. Yamaha is indeed a state of art speaker since it provides excellent sound.