Buyers guide to bean bag chairs

Bean bag chair market floods with different designs, shapes, styles, and fabrics, and choosing the right one can be quite a milestone for many people. These bags are a funky alternative for furniture; some buy them to create great memories for their kids; whatever it is you intend to use it for; you must get a good bean bag. Our ultimate buyers guide to bean bag chairs will help you choose the most comfortable, durable and stylish for you and your family. So let get started;

The fabric

The first thing that comes into people mind when they think of bean bag is vinyl. Its comfortable, durable and easy to clean, no doubt about that, but it can be quite sticky if you are living in hot areas. Most people often go with leathers or nylon. The leather is very durable, not as comfortable as Vinyl, but it’s easy to clean and makes a statement if you are in college or you want the bean bag to be a valuable addition in your living room. In states such as California, the Vinyl fabric has to meet specific terms, which is why a better alternative is required. Nylon is a popular alternative because it can be cleaned easily and can be treated with a special coating to make it fade as well as mold resistant. Other people will go for Microsuede because of its softness, however, like cotton material, you will have to do a lot of cleaning, so if you have kids, consider other options.

Style or design

You are probably going to have many difficulties deciding the best style for you; there are thousands of bean bag styles out there, some are pretty, unique and abstract. Choose a style that you will be comfortable with, or one that your kids will be comfortable with, but more importantly one that will blend with your home style. Whatever the style you choose, make sure that the seating place has the same size as yours, otherwise, you will be staring at your bean bags all day long when seating on your coach.


A while ago, bean bags had only one shape, round shape. Today, however, they come in virtually any size and shape, mostly looking like a sofa or typical chair. The round one are primarily meant for a single person, but you will also find squared which makes them great footrests. Choose a shape that resembles your sofa to add fun and comfort to your room. Some people prefer an oversized bean bag chairs, and they are quite comfortable with it, but there are those who prefer the right size; it all about preference when it comes to shapes.


There are a couple of beanbag chairs filling to choose from, the most common being the compressed foam. Of course, you can opt for EPS if you are on a tighter budget or Polypropylene (EPP). EPP offers flexibility when it comes to shifting them into different shapes. Whatever your pick, make sure that the bean bag filling that are comfortable, durable and safe for you and your kids. Natural filling like the pebbled buckwheat hulls are not recommended; they aren’t practical in most cases.

With these few tips, you shouldn’t have any problem getting a perfect bean bag chair for you. Make sure you pick something that fits your budget and doesn’t just jump into any online store claiming to sell the best bean bag chair.