Chairs Through The Years

“What has four legs but no feet? Two arms but no hand?”

It’s one of those things that is indispensable to a person’s daily life and yet whose existence is barely noticed. People have been depending on it to give them opportunities to rest and settle in comfort even if it’s just for a while. Its presence is not restricted to one particular place; it is instead found everywhere, from homes to schools, to malls, to office spaces, to parks, to roadsides, pools, lakes and inside every mode of transportation.

Guess what this is about? It is about the humble chair in its many forms. Can you imagine a life where you had to sit on uncomfortable chunks of stones or pieces of wood? Or if you are really unlucky just outright seat on the floor or the cold, hard ground? Sounds ridiculous, doesn’t it?

But do you know that the oldest known chair is only about 5000 years old and hails from ancient Egypt? However don’t be misled into thinking that everyone in ancient Egypt had access to chairs. It appears that only those who belonged to the more affluent classes owned chairs. The chairs of this era were made of carved or gilded wood and precious materials such as ebony and ivory. The chairs of ancient Egypt were intricately decorated works of arts often with the chair legs and arms carved in the likeness of great beasts and even creatures of myth. And of course there was the Pharoah’s throne, in essence a chair which was one of the ultimate symbols of power of that time.

It can be said that chairs were the domain of the rich and powerful until the advent of the 16th century. It was the age of Renaissance that catapulted the use of the chair to the common man. The chair rapidly became a staple for the average home. Eventually, the appearance and design of the chair became a reflection of the changing needs and wants of society.

Case in point for this is the invention of the modern office chair by one of the greatest minds to ever live, famed naturalist, Charles Darwin. It is said that Charles Darwin needed a way to get to his specimens quicker and got the idea of attaching wheels to his office chair. However it wasn’t until Otto von Bismarck that the trend of the wheeled office chair became widespread. He distributed them to the Parliament and in doing so brought them to the attention of the public.

Now more than ever we have a wide variety of chairs to choose from. Technology has even made it possible for us to smarten up our chairs; one perfect example would be Nissan’s Self-Parking Robot Chairs that tidy up after themselves with a clap of our hands. But you don’t even need to go that far; even patio chairs have reached ridiculous levels of comfort. If you want to read more about the best patio chairs out in the market you can check this out: