Complete Guide in Choosing the Right Tent for You

If you are thinking about going on outdoor adventures, you must consider the quality of your shelter. Aside from a good quality shelter that can make you feel comfortable, it can also make you feel safe and protected from different external factors. The kind of shelter that you have can significantly affect the overall camping experience. With that said, you must make sure that you bring a tent that would match certain conditions on the camping site.

In choosing the right tent for your adventure, you must consider various factors. In this article, you will know the basic things that your tent must possess.

What are the different shapes and styles of tents?

Everyone would want the best for themselves, and when it comes to choosing tents, you should also make sure that you get the best one for you. To start the decision making, think about the appropriate style and shape of your tent. The designs are not just for aesthetic purposes but also have specific functions.

Here are some of the designs that you can choose from:

  • Backpacking

This tent design is lightweight and can be perfect for you if you always go on backcountry adventures. It is efficient, sleek and has a smaller footprint compared to other tent designs. It means that you can have a lot of options when choosing a place to camp because your tent does not need a lot of space.

The downside of this design is it would not be appropriate for large camping groups due to its size.

  • Dome

The Dome design is well-known for its peak height, durability, and versatility. It is easy to set up and can offer you enough floor space.

It comes in different sizes but you must take note that the sturdiness can be compromised in larger models.

  • Hoop/Pop-up

Hoop tents are perfect for people who are looking for easy to set up camping tents. One of its unique features is it can have several windows and doors. Like the backpacking design, it is easy to pack and lightweight. Moreover, it has lesser space compared to other tents with the same shape which means that it is not recommended for a large group of people.

  • Multi-Room/Family Style

If you are going on a camping trip with your family or with a large group of people, then this tent design is a perfect choice. It can offer you enough living space for everyone in your group. It has plenty of mesh that allows air to enter and maintain the coolness of the interior. It even has a vertical door.

Unfortunately, this design can be heavy and bulky. It is also not easy to set up as you need several people to put this up.

  • Cabin

The perfect adjectives to describe this tent designs are: roomy and large. It has adequate space that can accommodate big groups that are looking for a sturdy and durable shelter.

Some cabin tents have a feature that allows you to create internal divisions for added privacy. However, this tent design has a large footprint which means you will need to find a big enough camping site to set this up. It is also heavy and bulky like the multi-room design.

If you are going on a nature trip soon, you must really consider the number of people that your tent needs to accomodate. You can check here if an extra large family camping tent is spacious enough to accomodate a large group of people.