Complete Guide on the Types of Tents

Are you a newbie on camping? Or maybe you’re just looking for an upgrade or replacement for your old tent?

Well, it doesn’t matter if you’re a pro or a newbie. You’d surely still be confused on choosing the perfect tent for your needs.

Before, all you had were the standard A-frame canvas tents with their heavy poles made of wood. Once you get it from the store, you’d need to read a manual consisting of 50 pages and ask for help from a large group of people; all that effort just to set up your tent.

Fortunately, a lot of things have changed as technology constantly improves. Tents today can be easily set up and don’t even require a lot of manpower.

What are the most common tent shapes?

In this guide, you’ll learn about the available options in the market. Read each carefully so you can determine which one will be perfect for your needs or which one fits your personal preference.

  • Pyramid Tent

This is the most straightforward tent shape. It consists of a single central pole. A pyramid tent has a rainfly that drapes over the top and is staked down on the edges or corners of the fly. The stakes and guylines are essential parts of this tent that is responsible for its stability.

According to experts, the bigger a pyramid tent is, the less stable it becomes.

Traditionally, this type of tent is made of really heavy canvas materials. Today, companies have produced lightweight versions.

  • Cabin Tent

In setting up a cabin tent, you’d need to fit together several aluminum poles to create a cabin-like shape. The roof and walls are covered with canvas rainfly, nylon, or waterproof polyester.

This tent shape can give you enough space to allow you to stand inside.

If you are going camping with your family, this can be the perfect choice because you can create several rooms by using internal dividers.

This type can be purchased at a low cost. However, the low cost can also translate to low quality. It means that you couldn’t use a cabin-type tent for bad weather conditions.

  • Geodesic Tent

This tent emerged after dome tents became popular in the market. Since then, manufacturers took their time in designing a way better version than a dome tent. They wanted it to be stronger and more durable to external elements.

After a lot of research, they came up with a geodesic tent which is like a dome tent – only with more poles!

  • Dome Tent

This tent shape is one of the most popular ones in the industry. It consists of two flexible poles that cross at the top of the tent. They will then bend to anchor on the floor to support all four corners.

Most dome tents have a porch are which is really cute! Some even provide an extra pole to expand the porch space.

Do you want an easy to set up tent? Dome tent might be the one for you.