Elenest Electric Can Opener Review

Elenest electric can opener is an essential kitchen device that helps you with opening food and beverage cans. Touted as the world’s easiest, smooth edge automatic can opener, this product suits both domestic and commercial kitchens. If you are shopping for a quality can opener, this product is one of the best options you have.

To help you make up your mind whether to go with it or any other can opener, we present to you an independent Elenest electric can opener review. The following review entails the product features, pros, and cons. If you like the features and the pros, choose this product.


  • Sleek compact design complements your kitchen style.
  • Extra-wide heavy bottom prevents it from sliding or tipping while in use.
  • Brushed stainless steel.
  • Removable blade makes it easy to clean the device.
  • Removable magnetic lid holder allows the opener to life the lead after opening the can. It also allows you to clean your opener with ease.
  • Uses two AA batteries that are bought separately.

Pros and Cons

One of the primary advantages of this electric opener is the fact that it complements your kitchen design, thanks to its sleek compact design. Another advantage is safety i.e users are very safe. This benefit is attributed to the extra-wide heavy bottom and the rubber feet, which prevent the device from slipping, sliding and tipping when in use. In addition, the Elenest opener is extremely easy to clean because of the removable parts such as the blade and lid. To clean your opener, you simply detach the removable parts and clean plus the main unit before putting back together again. This opener cuts with greater precision, making it a better choice compared to other openers. Last but not least, the product is entirely made of solid metal with no plastic parts to it, and that translates to hardiness and durability.

When it comes the things not to like about the Elenest electric can opener, there are a few things to point out. First, the opener is a bit noisy and can be irritating to your ears when in use. Second, it weighs more compared to other openers. That can make it somehow challenging to carry around so that you can use it on the move. Third, batteries are not included as part of the entire pack. You have to buy those separately when other opener packs come with two or four AA batteries. Last but not least, some users have reported that this product consumes too much energy and operating it on a regular basis can leave you with huge energy bills to pay. Though this has not yet been confirmed by the manufacturer, chances are that these customers are not wrong.

Final Verdict

In general, the Elenest electric can opener is a quality product that performs its function well, complements your kitchen decor, and keeps you safe. Despite the few minor setbacks of this product, it is a great choice that gives value for money.