Eyebrow Shaving

There are different ways to shave your hair so that you can groom well. You can shave you eyebrows if they look bushy or if you want to shape them. You can shave them if you permanently do not want hair growth on your eyebrows. There are different ways to remove your unibrow.

By plucking

This method is cheap and be attained easily. You just require a tweezer and choose the hair you want to get rid of. You work on one hair at a time by pulling it then sooth the place with lotion. It can cause some irritation after pulling. It is good to sterilize your tool before using and after every use.

Using a depilatory cream

This method melts your hair using strong chemicals. You just read instructions then apply and wash it off. It can cause serious harm if you use it wrongly. You can choose to test it on another part of your body before using. If it develops burning sensations, you need to avoid it and look for the one designed for your face.

Using the wax

It is applying of it on unwanted hair and using a strip cloth on top. Then remove the cloth quickly and there will be some hair on the surface. This method is unsuitable if you have a sensitive skin, sunburn or an irritating skin. You can choose to go to the saloon if you feel uncomfortable doing it by yourself.

Having a shave

You can consider using this after showering. That is when the skin is wet; apply a gel to avoid irritation. Then choose the type of razor you prefer using. After the shave apply a soothing lotion to the area. Recall you will have to repeat the process again after some days. This is when hair has come out again and needs to be removed.

Hair electrolysis

This needs to be done by a licensed dermatologist. It is used with needles that have electric current to kill the basement of the hair referred to as the root. After a couple of days the hair falls. It is preferred by those who do not like removing hair at home. The method is never covered by any insurance and is expensive.

Laser removal

It is done by a well-trained technician. The health care gives guidance while undergoing it. A direct laser light is placed at the eyebrow to prevent nay growth of hair in the future.  The process has some sessions for you to follow up. It works for both light skin completion and dark hair. If any swelling occurs, use cold packs to cool the place.

Threading off the hair

Get a threading tool and loop the hair you feel like removing. Move the hair around the tool and pluck. It removes hair completely causing some irritation if you have never done it before. The process does not last long to remove. It is a method that was adopted from the ancient days. It is cheap to attain what you want and the materials are readily acceptable.


Get advised by a dermatologist on which method to use. They give the best recommendation for the best method to use according to your skin. They can also check your hair type to reduce the risks involved when you get home. From the information you can go ahead and take the one that fits you.