Five Items Designed for Senior Citizens

In the market today there are a variety of products designed to make life easier for our elderly. For those with mobility issues, there are some quality walkers for senior citizens. As well as a few other simple yet functional items that are extremely useful to solve the minor challenges they face.

As we age, a lot of changes occur to make mundane tasks seem difficult. Everything from arthritis to low vision occurs and a few minor adjustments are necessary to deal with these conditions.

Walking Aids

When walking around independently becomes difficult, either due to a health condition like a stroke, or simply old age, a walker is very necessary. Depending on the severity of the mobility issues, one can choose anything ranging from a crane to a four wheeled rollator walker with a seat.

EZ Key Turner

A long list of things could cause one to lose hand strength. Whether arthritis or a stroke, some seniors struggle with simple tasks that involve fine motor skill such as turning a key to unlock or lock a door. The EZ key turner provides more leverage and is designed for easy, effortless turning. It is important to consider these small tasks when attempting to set your senior up to live independently.

Clip-on book light

When one gets old, the simple things that used to bring them pleasure like reading may become a bit more difficult to do. If your loved one enjoys reading, having lower visual abilities can be frustrating because it keeps them from doing what they love comfortably.

So why not make this task easier by gifting them with a portable light that can clip-on to the book. This will provide bright, direct lighting for the book that can be carried anywhere and used at any time.

Bed assist rail

Older citizens tend to have more and more difficulty with waking up from bed and seats as the years progress. If you want to ensure your loved one can move and live independently you must ensure they can get up alone when they need to. Sometimes due to severe arthritis or just old age, it is almost impossible to get up and out of bed without assistance.

A bed assist rail with an attached storage pouch and adjustable height would be one of the most valued items the senior has because it makes them much freer to be on their own.

2 in 1 dressing stick and shoe horn

It should not come as a surprise that dressing oneself is difficult in old age. Being able to wear socks, shoes and other items of clothing can be difficult to the senior because of bending and reaching for them. A dressing stick also equipped with a shoe horn will enable one to hook their clothing items with the appropriate hook and pull it onto the body.

Most of the time, seniors either avoid certain articles of clothing due to difficulty wearing them or are constantly looking for people to help with simple tasks like putting on socks. With the 2 in 1 dressing stick and shoe horn, this problem is a thing of the past.

If the goal is independent living for your elderly loved ones, then incorporating these functional items into their daily lives can be one great way to begin ushering them into their desired lifestyle.