Fix Cherry Angiomas With Apple Cider Vinegar


The internet today enables us to find answers to a lot of questions in an instant, especially about alarming concerns. Some of which are health-related issues. When we feel something unusual or see some changes in our body, we often consult the internet. We key in the symptoms of what we feel and we hope to find the name of our sickness. From there, we could assess what we could do to fix the problem. If you happen to see some red spots or red moles in your body and you’re quite alarmed of what these may be, they are actually called cherry angiomas. They are as red as cherries, thus the name and they are usually small in size like moles, but could reach up to one-fourth of an inch.


Now you might be wondering if it’s something that should bother you. The answer is both a yes and a no. No, you don’t have to worry about it. This is quite common among people aged 30 and above. They won’t cause any problem and they don’t inflict pain. Just like moles, they are somehow an excess of the skin and there’s nothing to worry about them. However, if you are quite particular about the skin you’re in, these cherry angiomas might actually bother you. In some people, scratching these could cause irritation, thus, bleeding could happen. Once blood is involved, that is definitely something which many of us are worried about. In some cases, it may cause embarrassment and humiliation. Just like how others would like to liberate their bodies from black moles, the same thing is true with these red moles or cherry angiomas. If it is something that bothers you, your next question would probably be: how do I get rid of it?


On the other hand, there are quite a number of ways to get rid of cherry angiomas. These procedures are actually the same as the way you remove the black moles in your body. There’s the excision which is the cutting or scraping of the cherry angiomas from your skin. There’s also the electrocautery which uses electrical current to burn the cherry angiomas and remove it from your skin. The opposite of this is the cryotherapy which involves the freezing of the cherry angiomas. Lastly is the laser therapy. And all these are quite invasive surgical procedures which could cost you a few hundred bucks. If these are too much for you to handle, your next probable question would be: is there a natural less painful and less costly alternative way? The answer is a resounding yes! You could fix cherry angiomas with apple cider vinegar. Yes, this natural wonder could fix your problem without punching a hole in your wallet. Just take a cotton ball or similar tool, wet it with apple cider and dab it in your cherry angiomas. Do this for about half an hour every day and you’ll see the difference. After some time, your cherry angiomas will be gone.