Guitar Lesson 101: Everything about Acoustic Guitar that You Should Know

An acoustic guitar is one of the easy-to-learn instruments. However, to master it, you have to learn a lot of basics. Find about it here.

One of the best guitars for beginners is an acoustic guitar, specifically the steel-stringed. Although not all would agree to this, it is easier to learn how to play an acoustic guitar than the electric guitar, even if it has a lot of complexities.

Here are some advantages of learning to play an acoustic guitar before the other types:

  • Easy to master guitar chords.
  • Variety of songs can be played on acoustic guitar.
  • It does not have knobs and switches to worry about.
  • It does not need an amp to project much sound, unlike electric guitars do.
  • It is a smart baby step towards other types of guitar because it helps you master guitar techniques and helps improve musicality.

Which one is best to learn as a beginner? An acoustic or electric guitar? 

Well, both have advantages over one another. However, when it comes to learning the complexities of playing the guitar, most beneficially, using an acoustic guitar is more advantageous than an electric guitar.

Is it hard to learn acoustic guitar?

Like many other instruments, playing an acoustic guitar without any background is confusing and challenging. However, once you learn the basics, such as understanding and playing guitar chords, learn how to strum, pick, and pluck properly, playing songs, and making music using an acoustic guitar becomes effortless. Also, you must know which acoustic guitar suits you best. At Guitar Tempo, you will find reliable and honest acoustic guitar reviews that will help you pick your first acoustic guitar.

Are there factors to consider when buying your first acoustic guitar?

Since there are several acoustic guitars in the market today, beginners often purchase the wrong size and brand of steel-stringed acoustic guitar, making them think that playing guitar, in general, is indeed complex.

So, to help out, here are a few tips on how to pick the right acoustic guitar:

#1: Choose an acoustic guitar with the right body size

There are a lot of different sizes of acoustic guitar; here are a few:

  • Concert – This 13 inches acoustic guitar is ideal for smaller musicians.
  • Auditorium – This is slightly bigger than the concert type. Also, it is designed to provide a balanced sound at a good volume.
  • Jumbo – It is bigger than the auditorium type and ideal for country music.
  • Dreadnought – It is at 20 inches and ideal for bluegrass music.
  • Mini or travel size – This type of acoustic guitar is ideal for traveling.

#2: Choose the right tonewood

Another factor to consider is the guitar’s tonewood. It is the material or type of wood used to build the entire guitar. And each wood gives off unique sound characteristics; here are a few to check:

  • Mahogany – The wood gives a strong and clear sound with a slight increase on the highs.
  • Cedar – The softwood gives out a soft and melodic sound.
  • Maple – The wood produces rich with treble sound.

#3: Know your budget

How much are you willing to spend on your first acoustic guitar? Most of the acoustic guitars today would range from $100 – $500, depending on the features, materials, and construction.

Choose a guitar that is comfortable to use, even if it is the cheapest or the most expensive.