Hair Loss and Hair Regrowth Options

In this day and age, one has to accept that there are a lot of conditions that we cannot avoid. Take into example health conditions and health problems. Thanks to technology, we are now able to determine its causes and come up with effective modes of management. One of the most common problems that men and women experience throughout their lifetime is hair loss.

Hair loss is said to be a universal problem. This applies to everyone around the globe. Some people have it mild while some experience it at a problematic level. Now the big question is, why does this happen? Here are its causes.

A major illness. When we speak of this, we are referring to detrimental conditions like malaria, typhoid or more. It may also be a consequence of a treatment for a certain disease like chemotherapy for cancer. A surgical intervention may also be related to hair loss depending on the physician’s orders.

It must be in the genes. Hair loss can be hereditary. There is such a thing called androgenetic alopecia which is the predisposition of baldness. However, this will depend on the genetic propensity or the person’s aging pace too. For some, they lose hair and become at risk for baldness as they grow older.

Hormones can play a part. One may not know it but hormones can be responsible for hair loss too. The thyroid gland is responsible for most of the hormones relating to hair. People who have a hyperactive thyroid gland may experience hair loss problems as they live. However, this can be corrected by taking thyroid treatments.

Taking medications can cause it too. Apart from taking care of your diet, medicines and other drugs can cause hair loss too. Some medicines can cause temporary hair loss. These can be anticoagulants, blood thinners, gout medicines, steroids, interferon and more. Antidepressants and birth control pills can cause it too.

Psychological factors may cause the problem. Apart from all those mentioned above, one of the most prevalent cause of hair loss is stress. Some people experience extreme hair loss when faced with intense psychological distraught. This is managed by decreasing or eliminating stress in their daily routine.

Improper hair care. Taking care of your hair should be top priority. You cannot expect to have healthy hair if you neglect it. Be cautious of the products you use on your hair. Make sure that the products you use allow it to grow healthier. Be picky with the treatments you do with it too as it can damage it any time.

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