How Do You Adjust the Carburetor on a Weed Eater

Weedeater is a farm tool used in clearing the farm. Like any farm tool, weed eater needs to be maintained well for it to last for long. One of the key parts of the weed eater that needs special attention is the carburetor. Sometimes while working this part can be interfered with. Weedeater is exposed to hard materials such as stones. The carburetor of a weed eater machine needs to adjust after a short period of time.

Adjustment of the carburetor should be done following the right procedure. In case you don’t have enough knowledge on how to adjust it, it is advisable to inquire from a specialist. Before you start repairing this machine you need to know how to adjust the carburetor on a weed eater. You need to examine the procedure of repairing this machine and follow it to the latter. Read more at

The procedure of adjusting the weed eater carburetor

For effective adjustment of the carburetor, the following procedure should be followed. Firstly, you need to locate the fuel adjustment screws. There are two fuel adjustment screws named HI and LO. The HI screw regulates fuel when the machine is working while the LO screw regulates fuel when the engine is not working.

When this tool is used for a long period, these two screws continued to become looser. Continued usage will cause total damage to them. The two screws need to be tightened. Use the right tool when tightening these screws or else cause more damage to it. It is advisable to use the small Philippians screwdriver. Both ends of the two screws should be positioned into the jets of the carburetor.

Further adjustment of the screws will be needed. The HI jet screw needs to be turned into a clockwise counter of 11/2 turns. On the other hand, the LO screw is turned into a clockwise counter of 1 turn. After turning this screws, you need to test if they are work. Start the machine and see whether the screws are working. In most cases, the machine will sound to be rough and it will be advisable to apply the gas throttle.

After applying the gas throttle, turn the LO screw counter-clockwise until it is smooth. You must ensure that the screws of the weed eater machine run smoothly. Failure to do that there will be a lot of friction and it will cause wear and tear. Do not rotate the screws at a high speed to avoid turning the head of the machine.

The throttle of this machine needs to be opened fully. However, the machine can begin to sputter in most cases. Whenever this occurs, you are supposed to turn the HI screw into clockwise less than ¼ turn. This will help in making the machine to be smoother. When operating these machine, you need to keep on doing some minor adjustments. It is therefore advisable for you to keep the small screwdriver in your pockets for easy adjustments when working