How Long do Muscles Take to Heal?

A muscle strain or pulled muscle refers to a painful condition that happens when the muscles are either torn or overstretched. It happens when you expose your muscles to extreme physical activities, overuse them without resting or use them improperly. You should realize that any muscle on your body can experience pain, but it mostly occurs on the muscles on your shoulder, lower back, hamstrings, and neck.

Symptoms of a Muscle Pull

The primary symptoms of a pulled muscle include pain on the affected areas and experiencing discomfort during movement. It means you may face difficulties carrying out your daily activities and moving around. You can treat muscle pull by having adequate rest, applying ice, using anti-inflammatory medications and heat compress. Most patients with a muscle pull often ask; How Long do Muscles Take to Heal? Read on to know the duration that this condition takes to heal.

How Long Muscles Take To Heal

According to medical professionals, it takes a few weeks for a moderate muscle pull to heal. However, some symptoms such as discomfort and pain when moving may continue to be felt for a lifetime. Muscle pull recovery will depend on the muscle strain grade as outlined below:

Grade I Strain

Grade I Strain is a minor condition that affects only a small percentage of the muscles. It takes a few weeks for them to heal. You may not need a physical consultation with a medical professional. Using home treatment can ensure you get relief.

Grade II Strain

Grade II Strain refers to a partial tear of the specific muscle and its symptoms may last for months. If you experience this type of pulled muscle, you may need to seek medical rehabilitation.

Grade III Strain

Grade III Strain is a muscle pull condition that’s characterized by the complete rupture or tear of the muscle. It may need the patient to get surgical treatment and the symptoms can linger on even after treatment. For instance, the affected individual can experience discomfort and pain for several months. In some instances, these symptoms may last for a lifetime even after the rehabilitation process.

What to Keep In Mind

In most instances, the duration that muscles take to heal depends on their location and the severity and impact of the particular injury. In normal circumstances, muscle on your lower back should show improvement after in about 1-2 weeks. Complete recovery should happen in about 4-6 weeks.

On the other hand, moderate muscle pull in the legs should take 8-10 weeks to heal. Severely pulled muscle (in most instances grade III strain) symptoms will be felt until the muscle tear undergoes surgical treatment.


When dealing with pain in your muscles, you should remember that the pain can persist even after you undergo medical treatment. If you’re using home treatment or the discomfort or pain is unbearable, you should make sure you consult a doctor. If the pain is followed by swelling on the affected area, you should consult your physician immediately. It will enable them to determine if there is any fracture and offer you the required treatment at the earliest. A pulled muscle can happen to anyone, for example, even when you’re taking a walk.