How to deal with a leaky hydraulic car jack

Fixing a car requires a lot of different tools. You will need an assortment of wrenches and ratchets for all the bolts and nuts the car has. You will also need a good floor jack to lift your car or you can have your garage made so that it can lift cars up high. Cleaning stuff is also required to maintain the car. Last and not least, knowledge on how to fix a car is needed. Without these, then there is little chance that you can fix your car.

Most Common Car Malfunction

One of the most common malfunctions that might happen to your car is a flat tire. When your tire is flat, you need to replace the tire with a spare or a better tire for the car to be able to travel. The tire is fastened to the wheel studs with removable bolt screws. When fix the tire, you need to first loosen those bolt screws with a lug wrench. Then you need to jack the car upward to raise the car. This enables you to be able to remove the tire without placing pressure on the flat tire, making it easier to remove. This also ensures that the car will not tumble down while changing tires. Once the car is raised slightly, you can completely remove the bolt screws and then remove the tire itself. You then place the replacement tire, screw it in slightly, lower the car jack and place the car on the ground, and then fasten tightly the bolt screws. However, there can also be unexpected delays that will come while replacing your car tire.

Leaky Hydraulic Car Jack

You might have a leaky jack. A leaky jack is a floor jack that whatever you will do won’t stay up. It might rise up your car for a few seconds or a few minutes but then leaks down slowly to the ground. This makes changing a car quite hard or impossible. Without the ability to lift the car up, you won’t be able to remove the car tire. If you were able to lift the car tire, keep the car stable and not tumble will be difficult.

Tips on how to repair the Hydraulic floor Jack

In order to overcome this, you will need to find ways to fix the jack. I read from a website called Auto Aid Outlet about hydraulic floor jack repair tips that will be able to help you to fix your leaky car jack.

They summarize the ways to fix the jack in their website. They said to look for defects at the Piston rod or ram, the compression ram, the pressure release valve, and the fill-up or reservoir of hydraulic liquid of the Floor jack. Usually there are just places that needed to have a release of air or a lack of hydraulic liquid might cause the jack to not lift at all. Feel free to visit their website to learn more about this. They went into detail on what needs to be checked and how to repair them specifically. They also have more reviews on more floor jacks if ever you find out that you cannot repair your floor jack and need to replace it.