How to Install Floor Jacks in a Crawl Space

The floor jack is a load lifting device that every person with the car should consider acquiring. Since aluminum floor jacks are crafted in lightweight and durable materials makes it comfortable and easy for use by both professional and amateurs. Note that although the floor jacks are crafted using aluminum materials, they are durable and most of them are equipped with a reinforced arm lift for smooth functioning.

The following are the best aluminum floor jack of 2018 complete reviews with the comparison.

1. NOS NSJ0201 2-Ton Aluminum Service Floor Jack.

This is one of the best floor jacks for use in a garage and for carrying around too. NOS NSJ0201 2-Ton Aluminum floor Jack is designed in lightweight form since it weighs just 46 pounds. This feature makes it easy to move around and work with as well. Note that although the device features light structure, it can be used to lift 2 tons which is equivalent to 4000 pounds. The sides of this aluminum floor jack are crafted with two aluminum handles for easy lifting when carrying it around. Other convenient features include the two side bumper pads for easy storage of the floor jack when transporting it in the car or even storing at the garage. Note that the NOS NSJ0201 2-Ton Aluminum floor Jack is equipped with safety valves that prevent overloading.


  • It is light in weight.
  • It is constructed with thick aluminum material to add durability.
  • It features a safety valve for durability.
  • It is easy to carry around with the two equipped handles.


  • This aluminum floor jack can only lift a weight of 2 tons ( 4000 pounds).

2. Arcan ALJ3T Aluminum Low Profile Floor Jack.

Arcan ALT3T floor jack is a definition of durability and strength when it comes to lifting heavy loads. It is made with high quality and durable aluminum materials and can lift four tons ( 6000 pounds).

The floor jack has two handles on the side which allows one to move it around comfortably and under the car when working. The saddle is made with an anti-slip mechanism to enable the user to work without the floor jack slipping comfortably. The height of the Arcan floor jack is adjustable from 3.6 to 19.4 inches which allows one to operate under different cars including a sports car.


  • The construction is done with high quality and durable materials.
  • It has two side handles for comfortable lifting.
  • The height is adjustable for comfortable working.
  • Its hydraulic system is shielded to prevent oil contamination.


  • It is a bit cumbersome.

3. Jegs 80077 Racing Aluminum Floor Jack.

This aluminum floor jack is designed with a striking color which makes it stand out and easy to detect. It can lift to 3 tons of weight making it ideal for heavy vehicles too. The handle is coated with non-scratch foam which prevents one from scratching the car when working on it. The Jegs 80077 racing aluminum floor jack is crafted with heavy-duty material which are strong and durable too. It can comfortably be reclined and inclined to work on different leveled cars.


  • It works pretty fast in raising vehicles.
  • It is durable.
  • The handles are coated with foam to prevent it from damaging the cars.
  • The saddle rotates up to 360 degrees.


  • It is relatively heavy.