How to Keep You Fire Arms Free from Rust

It is easy to protect your fire arms from corrosion if you really love them. Rust is one of the fastest way of your tools as they accumulate easily especially on tools made of metal. It is easy to prevent rust and to take control. This can help you save your firearms perfectly well by cleaning, rust free and proper functioning.

What encourages rust?

Water contact

This is the most way that encourages rust on any piece of metal. There are numerous ways that water can reach your device and you may not know at the moment. These can be during the cleaning process using water or when you mistakenly pour water on top of your tool.

High humidity

If you live in an area with high levels of moist in the environment, it can create rust on your device. These areas are well known to spoil a lot of things using the rust. You will eventually see your devices full of rust within a short period of time and if you are able to control the better.

Keeping your devices in a tip toe shape

Storage conditions should be ideal

If you want to prevent your implements from rust, make sure they are in a dry cool place. The place you put your humidifier matters a lot and can either encourage rust on the metal areas. It may seem difficult at times to get that best area to place it but if you get a good place it will save you from damages.

Applying cosmoline

This is a long term prevention of rust. It is a substance that looks like jelly almost alike in consistency to Vaseline. It is viscous and thick at room temperature but once it is heated it turns out to be runny. It is one of the fantastic categories of rust preventer.

Silica Gel

This helps to absorb water from the air to keep the area around dry and free from moist. They help control humid in any of your device. They may illustrate a color that will tell you that it is time to recharge them. They are convenient, cheap and easy to use.


It is the most effective way to control humidity in an entire house. There are several types in the market that meet your needs. If you have a basement area that is full of humid in the air, you need to buy one. It brings about comfort around your home once you start using it. They make sure that moist will not condense on your firearms leaving no room for rust to occur.

Taking your first step to protect your fire arms is very important. Once they are corroded it becomes difficult to use the appliance. It also looks in bad condition that you will not like and can also be hindered to work properly.


It is good to take care of your devices to prevent them from rust. Rust can only bring more harm than good especially on metal made substances. When you follow any of the above guides, these help keep your firearms in proper condition.