Instant Tips for Becoming a Coffee Connoisseur

Planning to buy coffee from the supermarket can be a bit tricky as their racks are all full of different varieties of coffee beans from all around the world. So go through the instant tips of our experts before buying.

At first, one has to decide regarding the purchase of ground coffee or whole coffee beans. Always remember that coffee beans ground immediately before brewing with a small grinder at home will taste better. Also, remember to choose the coffee depending on the coffee maker available at home. For a single person please see these top one serving coffee maker picks.

Now regarding coffee beans; there are mainly two types of coffee beans available in the market. The “Arabica” coffee bean gives coffee a subtle delicate aroma, while “Robusta” beans with high caffeine content are responsible for the bitter taste. Arabica beans are very expensive to produce, so cost-effective brands of coffee are a blend of the two. Also, more Robusta beans in coffee will give it a bitter punch & by paying some extra bucks one can get a sophisticated smooth cup of coffee made from 100% Arabica beans.

As one might think, a coffee bean is always grown high in the forests of Costa Rica can taste different from one grown in the Ethiopian highlands. But at a basic level, coffee from South and Central American countries tend to be nutty with plenty of chocolate notes, while Africans are citrusy and bright. Also, Asian coffees, from Indonesia and Vietnam, are usually earthy and smoky.

After knowing all about the coffee beans, the most important question that comes to our mind is how strong the taste of coffee should be. But basically, it’s all about the roast, the longer the beans are roasted the stronger the taste of coffee becomes.  Dark roasts coffee like the Italian & French coffee are perfect for a punchy espresso, while a medium roasted coffee will give a smoother taste. Many of the coffee brands on sale in the supermarket come with a strength guide for the coffee, ranging from mild to strong indicating the roasting time for the beans.

Coffee means a good punch of caffeine brew that’s going to keep us sitting upright on that long drive across the country or at our workstation throughout the day. Well, contrary to what we expect, a dark well-roasted European-style coffee won’t necessarily keep us awake at night. Roasting the coffee bean reduces caffeine content of the brew, so the lighter the roast, the greater the amount of caffeine in the coffee to keep us awake. Robusta beans contain a double dose of caffeine than Arabica beans. So going for a cheap deal of coffee bean can be good for late-night work. Also, Decaf Coffee is a new trend in the supermarket, basically, these are decaffeinated coffee.

Now after going through all the instant tips regarding coffee, one can brew the coffee like a cafeteria at home with the taste ranging from South America to Europe to Asia.