Kayak Pointers for Every Beginner

Kayak Pointers

Safety is not just a requirement in the workplace. Today, safety is a critical component in all aspects of one’s life, from the working environment, school setting and even in places where people relax and get their entertainment. Just take the case of outdoor activities like boating and kayaking. When planning to join a boating or a kayaking group or club, it is no only recommended that you pay attention to the clothes that you wear, the food to bring, and the gadgets to capture the moments that can be shared with friends. It is also equally important that you pay attention to your safety.

Whether your group is planning a quick dive, or a kayaking adventure, it’s best to remember a few safety recommendations best for beginners. While many outdoor and recreational activities have its own set of risks, many accidents can be prevented, provided all the right steps are taken. Here are ways on how your group can be ready, even if you are a beginner in kayaking or in any water-based activity.

Wear the required PFD– If you are planning a water-based activity, then one requirement is to bring and wear a personal flotation device. In some states and regions, wearing a life jacket is no longer just a recommendation; wearing a PFD is now part of many laws that help promote the safety of everyone outdoors. This is also highly recommended when you are planning to attend kayaking tours. Many accidents can be prevented if only the persons followed state regulations, and they wore life jackets while paddling their preferred sit-on-top kayak.

Stay away from alcohol when exploring the waters-Beginners, especially university students, will be tempted to bring alcohol into the trip, thanks to the promise of fun and excitement. Although a few shots of alcohol can help loosen up the environment, this can actually put everyone involved at risk. Alcohol can dull and affect the person’s reflexes, and may affect how he will control the touring sea kayak. If you must bring a few bottles of beer or spirits, make sure to consume this after the tour or exploration, at the campsite.

Know how to use your kayak– This may seem like an obvious recommendation, but there are some individuals out there don’t know how to use their kayaks correctly. Whether you have the latest Ocean or Riot kayaks or a second-hand unit, it’s best to understand and feel how it works. Also, learn how to get in or out of the kayak.

Know the area, predict the weather- It’s okay to be adventurous when it comes to enjoying water-based activities, but you should know your limits. Before you kayak, make sure you understand the river system (or the sea), and the expected weather for the day. You can check out Google Maps or guide books to discover the twists and turns of the rivers. Listen to the latest weather bulletins to stay safe during your planned trip.

These are just some of the many useful advice and tips beginners can follow when planning water-based activities like kayaking. These preparations may require commitment and hard work, but will bring benefits for everyone involved.