Sewing Machine Oil

There are so many benefits of using the machine oil on a sewing machine. This oil helps you run the machine efficiently without strain.  Using the wrong oil substitute can land you in to major problems. Using it correctly enhances your performance.

How the oil ease your work

As you work with your machine you will not like it when it is making some irritating noise. Also working on rust you feel much down to work. Using the right oil makes work easier for you.

The machine runs quietly and freely without disturbance. The oil smoothens the functioning and also acts as a lubricant.

Using the oil correctly

For a machine to function well you should use oil for sewing machine. Read the manual properly and follow the instructions.

You may clean the machine first before applying the oil. This helps to remove the small dust particles for you to start the applying process.

You can assemble the different parts and apply oil in those areas. Take time to do this for it is a process that may take some time before repeating. Oil the small areas at a time.

After the process you can put each part back.

Reasons you should oil your machine

It reduces friction as the machine operates. This helps to cover the machine elements with a protective layer.

It extends the machine life span.  Using oil for maintenance is the prior key to letting your machine serve you for a longer time.

It reduces wear mechanisms and prevents rust on the parts of the tool. It purifies and protects from dust the different parts of the unit.

Why use only the sewing machine oil

The viscosity is maintained while applying. It has higher penetrating properties comparing it with petroleum oil.

It has no solvent and mineral fats composition. The sewing oil is necessary for lubrication process.

It protects the machine from processes of oxidation and corrosion. The oil is neither acidic nor sticky. It prevents sticking and twisting of the threads.

The white mineral oil does not smell and it is clear. It prevents collecting on machine gears. It is branded and marketed as machine oil.

Avoid any other type of oil

You should avoid any type of oil at all costs. Use of it will cause more troubles like breakdown of your machine. It may cost you more to repair it than you expected.

Use of automotive oil can clot your gear and cause damages to fabrics used in the machine. Also the three in one oils are not suitable for your machine.

Once in a while get a qualified technician to have a check on your unit. This will keep your machine in a good running order. You are also advised on what you should do for your machine to function perfectly.


A singer technician who is qualified will give you knowledge on how to decide on the best sewing machine oil. Having the best maintenance on your machine by oiling it keeps it in a perfect condition.