Should You Grab a French Press Coffee?

You may not readily admit it, but much of modern society runs on coffee; whether consumed as a necessity in order to get going, or as a means of pleasure. It had helped define today’s generation as an age bracket that’s always on the go. And being on the go means that today’s generation wants its coffee quick.

Coffee Break Essentials is correct: coffee presses are probably not a good option for people in America. Most people would rather grab a coffee maker, buy some powdered instant coffee, or go even to a café to get a serve of their favorite brew.

Coffee Break Essentials offers reviews on a wide range of coffee makers, grinders, and presses from around the world. While they can only be contacted through their social media – they don’t have phone numbers shown on their sites – their reviews on the coffee machines, particularly on the French press coffee makers are insightful and interesting.

Mira Brands’ Stainless Steel French Press, their review

While it will never compete against coffee makers or instant coffee in terms of speed in serving you that cup of coffee, French coffee press coffee makers would provide your kitchen, workplace, or wherever it is an elegant feeling. Also, it is to be noted that French presses can brew tea leaves, making it more versatile than some coffee machines.

As a rule of thumb, one must consider several factors in deciding whether or not you should get a French press. One is durability; having more moving parts makes a press more susceptible to wear. Another is the availability of spare parts; some may not be as readily available as others. The biggest factor is the budget, because it determines your capability of purchase. There are several others but the aforementioned three seem to be the most critical for customer satisfaction.

With all being said, let us take a look at a French press coffee maker that Coffee Break Essentials that can be a suitable choice of purchase.

The product

Made of stainless steel, Mira Brands’ French press is double-walled and can brew tea leaves. Such double wall, coupled with a special design and insulation, it is good in retaining the hot temperature of your brewed drink. The good thing about this recommendation by Coffee Break Essentials is that it easily solves the problem of availability of spare parts: the manufacturer readily has replacement filters available in case you need new ones.

While it allows for easier handling and use, if you’re not careful in handling the French press, coffee grounds can leak their way through the filter and into your mix, which can potentially ruin your caffeine concoction. Another thing that must be considered is that it is dishwasher-friendly, but can be susceptible to rust. Coffee Break Essentials strongly recommends that you dry the press thoroughly after washing. Though its compact size gives it portability, its consequent small capacity, only at 20 fl. Oz. or almost 600mL, can be quite a hassle if you’re a heavy caffeine drinker; it is instead recommended that if you are such, or belongs to a family of coffee drinkers, you should get a bigger press.

Despite having the con of not being able to keep the heat from getting to the surface and potentially giving someone a burn, and the other cons, Coffee Break Essentials made a good call to recommend the Mira Brands’ Stainless Steel French Press Coffee Maker; it is an excellent attempt to combine all that one could ask for into one product: portability, temperature retention, and replaceable parts. Feel free to check out Coffee Break Essentials’ full review of the Mira Brands’ French press at if you want to read more about this promising coffee press. Be on the go with this brand!