Smart Door Lock: Things You Should Consider Before Installing One

Smart door locks are designed to make your life secured at home, but there are a few things you should know before you install one on your door. So, you should check this list.

For people who are conscious about their safety and security at home, installing a smart door lock for every possible entry and exit points is something to consider. However, installing one is not an easy task, especially if without any professional help. So, here are a few things that you should consider before installing a smart door lock at home:

#1: Make sure that the door is properly aligned

Door alignment is critical to the lock’s performance, especially when it is a smart lock. If your door is not properly aligned, the alignment of the door lock during installation will also be affected. Thus, if this happens the lock can bind anytime due to the resistance and may shorten the battery life.

How will you check the door’s alignment?


Here are a few things you need to check before the installation:

  • Check if you can lock and unlock the door without the need to push, pull, and or lift the door.
  • Determine if the door’s alignment is affected by the weather.
  • Check if there is a space for the deadbolt to extend at least 1 inch into the frame when it is closed.

If you think that all information mentioned above fits the standards, you may install the smart door lock. However, if you find your door not well-aligned, you may find the solution here.

#2: Check the measurement of your door

Although most of the smart door locks today can fit any kind of door such as from Kwikset, it is still essential to double check the measurement of the door and find out if it is compatible with the smart door lock that you are planning to invest.

Remember the rule of the thumb when considering smart door lock installation; if your door lock is thicker than the standard, you need to look for a thick door kit that can extend the lock’s capabilities.

#3: Follow the instruction for installation carefully

It is essential to read the manual for installation before installing the lock, especially when most of the smart door locks today are sensitive to mishandling. In most brands, they recommend taking time before installing the batteries. This is to make sure that nothing will interfere during the auto-handling process for the lock, as well as, to properly initiate the setup sequence during installation.

If in the case during the crucial moment of installation you made mistake, you can always perform the factory reset or you may call customer service. Additionally, if you think you can’t handle the pressure of installing the smart door locks, try to hire professionals to have your lock installed properly.

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