The Battle of the Supers: Top DC Universe Characters that can beat Thanos

Thanos, is one of the most powerful characters in the Marvel Universe. And it wasn’t easy for the Avengers to beat him because of the Infinity Gauntlet, but eventually, they were able to. Do you think DC Universe has characters that can beat Thanos?

The DC universe does not have too many characters like the Marvel universe does; having 10,000 and 50,000 characters, respectively. Despite this, DC won’t disappoint you when it comes to good and powerful characters.

If DC characters were to do a crossover to Marvel Universe and fight Thanos, are there top-tiered characters in the DC universe that can beat him?

You are probably thinking the same thing. And you are probably only thinking about superman vs thanos. Surprisingly, other DC characters can beat Thanos, even in head-to-head combat.

This list is a combination of DC Multiverse’s (comics and movies) heroes and villains.

#10: Doomsday

Having killed Superman, Doomsday is a good candidate that can beat Thanos. In fact, as the most fearsome monster in the DC universe, Doomsday is feared by both heroes and villains.

Other than his senseless destruction, Doomsday has vast cosmic energy powers and durability that Thanos will have a hard time defeating him.

#9: Etrigan

Previously an angel of Silver City before joining Lucifer during his rebellion against God, Etrigan became a demon, retaining his powers.

Even though Thanos is a part of Eternal, he can’t easily subdue Etrigan’s twisted and evil mind. Also, Etrigan has existed for almost longer than time itself, overthrowing his enemies relentlessly.

#8: Krona

Krona, an Oan scientist, former member of the Guardian of the Universe, and enemy of Green Lantern needs to be on the list of DC characters that can beat Thanos.

He witnessed the beginning of time and he created the evil Anti-Matter Universe and the Infinite Multiverse. His vast cosmic energy and great mental abilities can easily overthrow Thanos.

#7: Mordu

Modru is the Lord of Chaos and the master of magic; he is someone Thanos shouldn’t mess up. He is one of the greatest enemies of the Justice League and the Legion of Superheroes. His mastery of spells, great powers, and longer battle experience gives Mordu a huge advantage over Thanos.

#6: Reverse Flash

Listing another villain, Reverse Flash is one of the deadliest DC characters that give DC heroes hard time. His Negative Speed Force and his psychopathic mentality would overwhelm Thanos.

#5: Shazam

Shazam is granted the powers of Solomon, Atlas, Zeus, Hercules, Mercury, and Achilles, making him a good threat against Thanos; a ridiculously powerful DC character.

#4: Superman

Would love to put Superman on top of the list but that would not give justice to more powerful characters.

So, can Superman beat Thanos?

Superman is a descendant of the Sun God and he is morally driven to protect his people.

So, why not?

#3: Darkseid

Darkseid is the ruler of Apokolips and a highly trained god. He is super strong and capable of eliminating free will from anyone in the universe.

He is the original Thanos, created in 1971, 2 years before Thanos’ official comic debut.

#2: The Spectre

The dark anti-hero holds the powers of the Presence and is bound to the human host to promote guidance and vengeance. Spectre is known as the divine Spirit of Vengeance. And omnipotence can beat Thanos anytime.

#1: Doctor Manhattan

Top on the list is Doctor Manhattan – a god and a powerful one. Thanos cannot beat him even with the Infinity Gauntlet because Doctor Manhattan is the living Infinity Gauntlet.