The Guide to 1st Backpacking Experience

Are you planning your first trip? Well, check this out our massive guide on what you need to prepare for backpacking before leaving home. These are the things which truly useful information that you should know when you are planning your first hiking.

Also, for your first trip, you must plan a maximum of 5 hours of hiking time on your regular pace of 2 miles per hour.

There are people hike around 2 miles/hour in normal conditions. If you bring a light backpack, you may feel the ground is flat and you can make 3 miles/hour instead or a little more.

In fact, there are many little things that contribute to slowing you down while hiking such as:

  • The bathroom breaks
  • Water filter
  • Snacks
  • Cooking and eating
  • Setting up camp
  • Taking some pictures
  • Getting more water

These things will eat away your time and the 30-40 lbs backpack that you carry around. This gives you too much weight.

To figure out more how to make your hiking speed fast, check our guide below:

Choosing the right Gear

Having the right gear for your trip is important because when you started packing is likely intimidating. There are actually lots of choices and everything seems a little expensive.

Ensure the Tent is big enough to make you more comfortable just like home

The tent is going to be your home when you are away. You will be spending every night and perhaps more time if it is rainy or nasty outside. Thus, choosing the right tent should be in tune with the prize, size, and weight of it.

Consider the budget then make sure what kind of trade-off you are willing to make between size and weight. By figuring out what size of tent you need, knowing how many people will be using it. The backpacking tents are tight on space so if you are camping with 2 people you probably won’t fit in a single tent.

In case you are in doubt of the size to the next largest tent, you can choose 1 up to a size in tents that usually cost an extra 8-12 oz, however, it can give you a lot of extra room. Make your camping memorable, because when you choose a small tent, this definitely not the memorable backpacking experience you may have.

Practice setting up your gear at home

We give you this advice, not just for setting up your tent but also, you have to test all your gear, you may want to bring with you.

Prior to wandering into the wilderness and using your gear, make sure to test them all – multiple times at home. You will never know when your gears will have problems. For example, you may get a hole on your sleeping pad or missing a pole for your tent.

So, just be prepared before diving in the wilderness. Remember, safety comes first so you may enjoy your first adventure. Also, you can create happy memories effectively if you are not facing any problems outdoor.