The Lodge 17L12CO3 Dutch Oven review

Dutch ovens are among the perfect types to use if you have outdoor activities. Its features are multi-functional. This one is a traditional Dutch oven and its performance is even better compared the regular ovens. So if you are window shopping already, you might have to stop it after reading this review.

In The Lodge 17L12CO3 Dutch oven review is an overview of the features and why it can be highly recommended. This oven shouldn’t miss in your kitchen for outdoor functions, events and camping. Its specifications are amazing ad alongside them, customer reviews to have been used to compile this review.

A Greater Outdoor Experience

This oven is well crafted using high quality cast iron which is a feature that adds to its durability. Its capacity is big enough- 6 quarts and is ideal for preparing larger meals and dishes for your friends and family. Cast iron is designed to withstand high heat and this is the greatest solution if you have campfires to attend. Those who love cooking at fireplaces can opt for this as a good accessory to make mealtimes enjoyable. Its efficiency is manifested in its ability to retain heat even if your outdoor location is cold, food in this oven remains hot.

Simple Maintenance

Cast iron needs pre-seasoning often. This Dutch oven undergoes this process at the factory. Before using this oven for the first time, it is advisable to wash it well then re-season before beginning to use it for cooking. To prolong the lifespan of the Dutch oven, it is important to re-season it before each use. The cooking surfaces can be maintained and made of high quality by continuously seasoning with cooking oil. Some of these practices are not known by many Dutch oven owners but are great tips to ensure your oven is a high performer at all times and lasts for decades and decades. If you use your cast iron Dutch oven more, the seasoning gets even better. Some ovens are seasoned using synthetic coatings and other coatings which are harmful to your health but this one is pre-seasoned using pure vegetable oil making it healthy for use and reduces the risk of getting illnesses. Wash the oven normally to remove dirt, oil, food debris and coal remains and store it in a cool and dry place for use the next time.

Unique Design

The oven is built with a flanged deal that is responsible for holding hot coal. It flips over and griddling takes place. The legs are in the form of a tripod stand. They are sturdy and made of strong iron. The legs raise the oven at a good distance away from the hot coals. Things get even easier with a cookbook that this oven comes with. It has interesting recipes that you can try for your family and friends during lunch hour or dinner. They are recipes whose cooking can be done using an oven. This is an awesome way of creating memories. Count on this oven for cooking versatility and durability.