The problematic weight issue and the different perceptions of people regarding good looks

Weight management

Weight management is a big issue among the people in the modern day world. It is a modern day phenomenon since it was not as prevalent in ages gone by. The people of yester years did not seem to be very preoccupied with weight apart from some women who were still very observant of their waist lines and they would even wear tight corsets to ensure they had what was then known as the attractive figure.

Good looks have always been of great importance to mankind. It is said that first impressions are important and this is very true. The human being is naturally wired to be attracted to what he or she considers to be good looking. A good looking person usually enjoys much more acceptance in society and therefore he or she is likely to enjoy more favors than a less attractive person.

Attractiveness and good looks are however quite relative. Two people can have very different views about what is attractive and what is not. Societies as a whole also have different views of beauty. Like in the example above, some communities viewed women with very slender waists as being attractive. Some communities viewed women with long necks as being attractive while others considered a woman with a gap in her teeth as beautiful.

These views were not shared by all communities and are not necessarily still upheld by the communities that had them.

There are however some views concerning the attractiveness of a person that are generally shared across many communities around the world. An example is a woman with light skin is usually considered as being more attractive. Many people with blonde hair are also considered to be more attractive. In men, being tall and athletic is generally considered as attractive across the world.

In the modern day world, a feature that is generally perceived in the same light whether it be in a man or woman across all communities in the world is body weight. An individual who is overweight is usually considered unattractive while a well-trimmed person is considered more attractive.

It is however harder for the modern day person to maintain a trim figure as compared to the people of old. This is as a result of several factors including the food that people feed on today. Most of the foods that people partake today are foods that are very fatty or sugary. These two elements are a great reason for people gaining unnecessary weight.

To help manage their weights, people are becoming more and more observant of the foods they are eating. Many are being careful of eating foods with too much calories. To do this some are even investing in calorie counter watches which are very helpful in showing one how many calories are consumed in a meal.

People are also shifting towards eating foods that hugely consist of vegetables and fruits which have less calories and are also great fillers due to a high fiber content. A lot of fiber in the food means that one is less likely to feel hungry and hence will be able to eat less.