The Top Three Coolest Scooter Helmets to Buy this 2019

If you want to experience driving a two-wheeled vehicle, you can choose a scooter. The latter is a safer alternative to riding motorcycles. Although it may not offer the same adrenaline rush similar to riding a motorbike, however, scooters are also enjoyable and fun to use.

Though scooters are more stable and safer compared to motorbikes, you still have to be careful and use preventive measures. It is significant to wear complete riding gear to avoid fatal injuries during a crash.

One of the basic protection gears you need to have is a scooter helmet.  A headgear assures that your head is safe from injuries when an accident happens. Likewise, it cushions the head to reduce the impact of a crash.

Before you go on a trip using your new scooter make sure to have a helmet. And, if you don’t have one, look into these¬†cool scooter helmets you need to see.

#1 Docooler Touring Helmet

If you are planning to go on a road trip, this scooter helmet is one of the best options in the market. The Docooler is rocking that vintage look as if you are a steampunk character. Aside from the awesome aesthetics of this head protection gear, it has several characteristics that are worth spending money.

This product features a visor that shields your eyes against the harsh sunlight and insects. Along with this item is a UV anti-fog goggle. This additional accessory offers extra protection to your eyes. Plus, you would look cool wearing it.

Docooler is extremely light and comfortable to the head. Also, it is guaranteed durable and can withstand crashes. It is a DOT certified product.

#2 GLX Scooter Helmet

The GLX is a type of open face helmet. It has a dual visor which includes a smoke-tinted SunShield that offers clear road visibility while protecting your eyes from sunlight, rain, and insects.

The outer shell of GLX is thermoplastic. This material is guaranteed durable and can resist impacts without creating damage on the helmet. It also has a fast release strap system so you can wear and unstrap the helmet fast and easy.

The GLX is a modern-looking helmet. If you prefer a sleek and classy styled scooter headgear, this item is your best choice.

#3 Raider Deluxe Scooter Helmet

The Raider Deluxe is a type of open-faced helmet. This product is DOT certified which entails Radier Deluxe has passed the strict standards and regulations of the US Department of Transportation.

This helmet is impressively strong and durable. It can protect the head and neck from collisions. Likewise, it has a snap-off visor that protects the eyes from the glaring sun, dust, rain and flying insects on the road.

Another unique facet of this item is the optional zippered neck curtain it has. This feature provides additional neck protection from harsh weather and other elements on the road. Moreover, it has a sure-fit chinstrap to secure the helmet in place.

Searching for the best scooter helmet is a bit tricky for beginners. If this is your first time to get a riding gear, then go to the Motorcycle Helmetz for guidelines, tips, and useful product reviews to help you in navigating the best helmet to invest this 2019.