Tips for Effective Online Article Writing

Here’s a fact: the success for online writers doesn’t only lie on the brilliance of the content but depends more on how the article is presented and written. If you want your online article writing to be effective in terms of getting the attention of your target audience, know the rules for this medium and adjust your style to it. Remember that when writing online, you are also aiming to generate quality traffic through your content.


The information found can help you not only in terms of becoming a more effective writer but also in terms of raking in more profit for your business. Nevertheless, here are some top tips that you can use for effective online article writing and to improve traffic.

1. You must write for browsers and not readers.People who do online reading want to know at a glance if the material is worth their time or not. They will not go to your page and start reading from top to bottom as if it were a home reading assignment. Just like when you want to buy a book, you just read the synopsis, the review, or testimonials; you do not read everything. For online writing, use bullets, headlines, subheadings and break up your paragraphs into short ones. You must have heard the “one paragraph-one idea” principle. Stick to it to attract readers.

2. Write like a reader.What attracts you to read an online article? You do not read the first article you open, right? You look at an article, scan it and decide if it’s worth your time or not. You do not like it to be too finely written; you like a font size that is easy on the eye or easy to read. You like color, but not in the way that it hurts your eyes. You like ideas, but not when it is written like there is no tomorrow. You appreciate information, but not information overload. It is good to be well-researched, but you want an article to be tight and not covering too many topics even if they are all related.

3. Use keywords to be found.You do not want your online articles to be buried deep in cyber space. Only when it’s found can people read what you wrote. So, know how to optimize your articles for search engines (SEO). One way to optimize is by the way you use keywords or the words used by Internet users to search for articles. If you took time researching what these keywords are, then your article stand a good chance to be found. However, it is important too to critically place it in the starting paragraph for scanners to see it right away. Moreover, if you do not want to catch the ire of Google, do not overstuff your article with keywords.

4. Titles and opening paragraph are important.String words suitably to make a good, catchy title that has the most important keywords. Moreover, ensure that the first paragraph has the keywords and at the same time must be interesting enough to grab the attention of Internet scanners.

Remember, while there are important elements to make online article writing effective, the appearance of the article in the website as well as the usability of the site matter too. Combining these elements can be powerful in driving traffic to the site.