Tips How to Keep Rats Away


No one invites rats to his or her home, but they always find their way there. These rodents are not only annoying but also carry dirt with them, contaminate food, damage electrical wires, and appliances, and make the home dirty and smelly. In this article, I will list a few tips to help you prevent the rats from roaming around your kitchen inappropriately. By the end of your reading today, you will select the best option that fits your needs.

The 10 tips

  1. Set a trap. This is one of the best methods of rat eradication. There are several brands and types of rat traps you can find in the market, but the Raticator is a great electronic rat trap is the best of them all. It’s a humane trap but if you need lethal traps, the options are not limited. Once the trap is set at the right place and a bait put in it, you relax and wait to empty it.
  2. Seal the holes in your house. Rats often hide from the human population as much as possible and find their safety in holes. Check if your floor, walls, roof, plumbing stacks, and attics have any holes then seal the holes using materials like steel which the rats cannot chew. Once you eradicate entry points, you stand a better chance to have a home without rodents.
  3. Empty your trash regularly. Rats come in to search for food and your food wastes are the best target. If you can empty your trash daily before you sleep, rats won’t have a reason to visit your litter can. Alternatively, you can use a tightly closed litter can such that the rats won’t be able to access your dirt.
  4. Keep a cat. A cart is a friendly domestic animal to human but lethal on rats. Rats will not dare enter a home with a cat, if they do, the cat will kill them instantly for food.
  5. Regularly clean your pet’s food dish. You love for pets if not well handled will be the reason attracting rats to your premises. Rats can smell food from afar hence vital to clean the dishes as soon as your pet is satisfied.
  6. Store your food safely. Rats will make a party on your carelessly stored and open food, your carelessness an invitation to the cats. Before you go to sleep, safely keep any leftovers of food and clean the dishes.
  7. Use sprays. Sprays kill them in a short time, most of them die of a heart attack.
  8. Apply peppermint oil. Rates hate peppermint smell. The oil is poured in cotton balls which are placed in places where rats can come from.
  9. Use potatoes and onions. When rats eat potatoes, their intestines expand causing death. Similarly, Onion smell is very repulsive to rats.
  10. Seek professional help. In the unlikely event that all the above strategies fail, professional wild animal removal experts can assist you.


There is absolutely no justification for rat menace, the rodents can be dealt with using the strategies above.