Tips on How to Avoid Getting Demonetized in YouTube

Are you starting a YouTube account to make money? Several contents can be monetized on YouTube. However, some videos will get you demonetized, the worst cancellation of account. So, how to avoid getting demonetized on YouTube? Find it out here.

More and more people are becoming content creators on YouTube as multimedia and social media success becomes massive. And even though the competition is getting tough in YouTube, there are still a lot of chances to attract viewers and gain an audience or YouTube subscribers through relevant and interesting videos.

Several video ideas will make good content, helping you get monetized on YouTube. However, not all videos are good to go. Some videos can get you demonetized, worst cancellation of YouTube account. Even though it is easy monetizing your video content, you need to be wary about creating NO-NO videos.

How do you avoid getting demonetized on YouTube?

#1: Follow YouTube rules

YouTube has content guidelines, ensuring your content is advertiser-friendly. And if you have no idea what videos are a No-go on YouTube, check the following:

Frequent use of inappropriate language or unbleeped inappropriate words.

  • Videos that show violence.
  • Videos containing adult or sexual themes.
  • Videos that show harmful or dangerous acts.
  • Videos containing hateful derogatory speeches.
  • Videos containing the use of recreational drugs or any drug-related content.
  • Videos containing the use of firearms.
  • Videos containing controversial issues.

And if you are depending on Adsense, you need to understand and follow the guidelines carefully.

What if your video content contains snippets that will cause demonetization?

There are ways not to get demonetized on these, including the following:

  • Add bleeps on inappropriate language.
  • Blur parts of the video that needed to be blurred.
  • Add a warning clip with “viewer discretion is advised”, this will let the viewer know that the video may contain violence, horror, sexual content, and more.

#2: Know the advertiser-friendly content guidelines

Yes. There’s this too.

Advertiser-friendly contents are videos that are suited for advertisers.

  • Videos that are not advertiser-friendly are almost similar to YouTube guidelines, but also include the following:
  • Videos showing sensitive events.
  • Videos tolerating dishonest behavior.
  • Videos showing incendiary and demeaning.
  • Videos containing any tobacco-related content.
  • Videos containing adult themes in family-related content.

However, if your videos are informative, you don’t have to worry about getting demonetized.

#3: Follow the AdSense program policies

If your content depends on AdSense, follow their program policies. To monetize your videos on YouTube with AdSense, you need to read their policies carefully because it includes technical procedures.

#4: Follow YouTube’s Copyright and Fair Use Policies

Always upload original content and clips that you are authorized to use.

How to tell your YouTube videos are demonetized?

In YouTube Studio, you will find monetization icons. Each one will tell you the status of the video earnings. However, if some of these are on the red icon, it means your video is demonetized.

So, read all the policies carefully to avoid getting demonetized.