Top Frequently Asked Questions about Growing Magic Mushrooms

Are you overwhelmed with the information about growing magic mushrooms? Check these most frequently asked questions that will help you get your questions answered.

Growing shrooms is easy, but it requires patience. And if you are planning to grow magic shrooms at home and for the first time and safe mushroom cultivation, you need to do some research before anything else.

Here are the most frequently asked questions about growing magic mushrooms:

FAQ #1: How to choose the best magic mushroom kit?

When choosing a magic mushroom to grow, you need to know the origin of the mushroom. There are several species from several different rainforests across the globe, including those from the Amazon, Hawaii, Mexico, parts of Southeast Asia, and more. One of the most popular species amongst beginners is the Psilocybe Cubensis Cambodian shrooms; they are easy to grow and cultivate and not too potent for beginners. Also, you may purchase 3 Amigo grow kits; easy to grow and safe to consume.

FAQ #2: How long does it take for the shrooms to grow in kits?

Typically, most of the shroom kits would take about 3 weeks to mature. However, the growth of the shrooms also depends on the room’s temperature; the warmer the area, the faster the shrooms flush. Conversely, when the shrooms are grown inside cold rooms, it’ll take longer to grow. For this reason, using heating mats is recommended.

FAQ #3: How long does it take to see the pinheads?

Usually, you’ll start seeing a few pinheads growing within 7 – 10 days. However, if you place the growing kit in a place that is too cold or too dry, it will take 10 – 14 for the shrooms to start growing with pinheads.

FAQ #4: What if you don’t see any progress for a long time?

This is common for shrooms grown in places where it is either too cold or too dry; the room’s temperature can affect the growth process of the shroom. So, when growing magic mushrooms, make sure to place them in an area with recommended temperature. Most of the shrooms would thrive in a place with a room temperature of 21 – 31 degrees Celcius.

FAQ #5: Why some of the shrooms are growing at the side of the kit?

If you find your shrooms growing at the side of the kit, don’t be alarmed, it happens a lot. It occurs when it is too dense at the top of the mycelium cake. If this happens to your growing kit, all you need to do is remove the cake out from the plastic box and place it inside a plastic bag in an upright position. Do not forget to close the lid of the growing bag and add enough micro holes for its ventilation system.

Lastly, do not forget to spray extra water inside the bag and not directly to the shrooms. Extra water inside the bag creates good moisture for the shroom to survive and thrive.

To produce safe magic mushrooms with growing kit