Tracking device for your Dog

Have you experienced losing your dog and going through the emotions of despair and sadness for fear that you might not see him or her ever again? To be in such a situation is heart wrenching and it’s not a nice experience to go through.

The good news is there’s no need to go through all these roller coaster of emotions. How? By using a very reliable dog tracking device. With a good and reliable tracking device, it will not be hard to locate where your dog is.

When choosing the best dog tracking device , these are the things that are very important to consider: coverage, map accuracy, battery life, water proof, weight, and size.

1. On coverage, how wide is the coverage of your dog tracking device? Ideally, the wider coverage, the better it is.

2. Map accuracy is also critical, especially if your dog is the type that has the tendency to wander around. This can be a challenge if you live within a forested area or if you live in an urbanized community.

3. Battery life is also very critical. How long is the battery life of most tracking device in the market now? Some brand say theirs has a guaranteed battery life of 4 to 5 days. Choose the one which offers the longest battery life and check also the charging time.

4. Make sure that your dog tracking device is water proof. Some types of dog loves to swim, some love to play when it’s raining, and some love to jump and swim in water puddles on your lawn. So make sure that your tracking device is guaranteed water proof because if it’s not, the moment it gets wet, goodbye to your money.

5. Dog tracking devices must also be user friendly. When you put it on your dog, it has to be comfortable for him – not bulky or heavy, and something that’s not going to get in his or her way. Most dog tracking device weighs between 2 and 3 grams. This is wonderful as it is guaranteed to be just right for even a small dog.

6. The ideal size of the tracking device should be around 2 inches by 1.6 inches by .06 inches. This is perfect for dogs weight around 9 pounds or 4.5 kilograms.

What else should you consider?

Think about the support devices and services that are required for your tracking device to do its job. What devices are compatible to your tracking device of choice? How about the mobile coverage? Does it require a mobile phone or some other gadget? How about the App needed? Is it okay with Android?

Here’s a final tip! When choosing a dog tracking device, always ask yourself what’s most important to you? Is it cost? Is it quality and durability? Is it usability (meaning is it easy to set up and use?) And will your dog not mind having it around him wherever he goes?

Remember, our dogs are not just our pets; they are family. And because they are family, we take good care of them.