Types of Fixed Blade Knife Handles

A fixed blade knife is one of the most common and preferred of bushcraft knife. Just like any other type of knife, fixed blade knives are also designed with handles. Knife handles vary in quality because of the different materials they are made from. You should note that every type of knife handle has its merits and demerits. It is important for you to acquaint yourself with the different types of knife handles for you to get the right one for your needs. This article will give you some basic information that you should know about fixed blade knife handles. You can get more information from online platforms that are reviewing the SCHF36 from Schrade.

Wood handles

Hard wood is the most common material used in making fixed knife wood handles. These handles are hard to maintain but have very attractive appearances compared to other types. You will not spend a lot of money in getting one because wood handles are relatively cheap due to their low cost of production. However, this handles are not water resistant and will therefore warp and finally crack when exposed to a lot of moisture. There are places where butchers are banned from using knives with wood handles because they habit bacteria in their pores when they warp.

Micarta handle

Getting this type of handle assures you of durability and reliability. This handle is laminated making it resistant to damage by water and they have a strong grip. The most common material used to laminate this handle is the G-10. You can also find composite materials comprised of epoxy resin and paper being used in laminating the handles. This base is relatively lightweight, durable and very strong. Other synthetic polymers like the kraton and ABS are used to make the Micarta handles for fixed knives. On the low hand, these handles are relatively expensive.

Bone handles

You probably have come across fixed knives with art made of exotic materials at one point in time. These materials are normally extracted from mammal tooth, ivory, cattle bone, buffalo horn and even the sheep horn. You should understand that getting a fixed knife with these kinds of materials may be very expensive. You are assured of firm grips while using these handles since the bones give them a rough feeling. It is important to exercise extreme caution when purchasing fixed blades knives with bone handles because of the presence of counterfeit ones in the market.

Rubber handles

You may also find fixed blade knives with this kind of handle. The rubber handles are normally soft but with very strong grip even under wet conditions. You will notice that knife makers prefer using rubber over plastic because they have a longer durability span. It is also important to note that fixed blade knives with rubber handles are most preferred when hunting because of their strong grips. These handles however have a less appealing appearance.

Now that you have understood the common types of knife handles, it is prudent to go for a fixed blade knife with a strong grip. Your handle should also have a shape that is comfortable to hold and the knife should generally have a good balance in weight between the handle and the blade.