Understanding Grills and Smokers: What is the Difference?

Summer cookouts and outdoor family get-togethers are incomplete without delicious grilled food. It is also a favorite pastime of many Americans and almost every person around the globe. Well, who would say no to a mouth-watering tender and juicy meat dripping with homemade BBQ sauce, plus a cold drink?

Grilling food is a skill that a person earns through learning and practice. But aside from a delicious recipe, you’ll also need a piece of functional grilling equipment for a successful cooking experience.

When looking for a grilling tool, you’ll notice that there are varying types of this equipment. The most common options in the market are charcoal grills and smokers.

Now, you are probably wondering about the difference between these two cooking equipment. Moreover, which one among these options is the right one to choose when grilling food?

To help you find out additional details regarding charcoal grills and smokers, below are basic facts about these items that you must know.

Charcoal Grill Details

A typical American household usually has a grill in their backyard. You can find several styles of grills in the market varying from kettle design to cartwheeled versions.

Grills are either powered using electricity, gas, or charcoal. But within these three, most people prefer a charcoal grill due to its convenience, energy-efficiency, and low cost.

Charcoal grills can cook quickly by using the correct temperature level for a specific food. Moreover, it is healthier since grilling allows the excess fat to drip away from the meat. Likewise, it prevents the vitamins in vegetables and meat from dissipating. And, it keeps the food moist and flavorful especially when rubbed with herbs and spices.

Despite the benefits of charcoal grills, it also has some downsides. Grilling on charcoal is a lot of work since you have to turn the food frequently to assure that it is evenly cooked. Also, beginners would find it difficult to get started with this equipment.

Charcoal Smoker Details

As its name suggests, a smoker uses smoke and low temperature to grill food. It has a similar function to a charcoal grill but easier to control.

Using a smoker allows you to control the temperature and provides that authentic smoky flavor to the food. Aside from grilling, you can use this equipment to preserve meat. The smoke contains chemicals that prevent the growth of bacteria which prevents the meat from rotting.

Another reason why some individuals prefer smoker is the minimal tending it requires. All you have to do is place the food on the grates and leave it to cook.

Similar to charcoal grills, a smoker also has drawbacks. Using a smoker takes a lot of time in cooking rather than grilling.  Additionally, you’ll need a thermometer to assure the temperature is correct and prevent the food from getting undercooked or overcooked.

Final Advice

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