Venom: Is He a Friend or a Foe in Marvel Universe?

Spiderman’s epic foe is Venom. So, it came as a surprise that there’s a debate about Venom’s true identity. Plus, the movie Venom showed us that the symbiotic creature can also play a hero. So, where does the villain come from?


In 1988, Venom debuted in the Amazing Spider-man #300 as Spiderman’s villain. Venom is a sentient alien symbiote with a liquid-like, shapeless form. The symbiotic creature can only survive through bonding with a host; Spiderman was his first host.

Comic Version

The story of Venom began in the Secret World #8 where Marvel’s superheroes and supervillains had been transported to an artificial planet called “Battleworld” to be known as the “Beyonder”. During the event, Spiderman’s costume got wrecked. So, he weaved a new one using the wrong machine. The new black outfit can repair itself. Later did he find out that the costume was a symbiote. The creature attempted to bond with Spiderman’s body and makes it permanent.

Spiderman, while wearing a symbiotic costume, made him felt strong and aggressive. As Spiderman felt he wasn’t being himself, he rejected the symbiote by attacking its vulnerability to sound. Spiderman sought Reed Richards of the Fantastic Four for the sonic wave to get rid of the symbiote from his body.

The symbiote escaped and found Eddie Brock, a reporter, who hated Peter Parker. Since both the symbiote and Eddie Brock shared the same hatred against Peter Parker and Spiderman, the two bonded and gave rise to Venom.

Movie Version

Meanwhile, in the movie, a meteorite lands nearby Central Park. The meteorite had the symbiote. The symbiotic creature followed Peter Parker to his apartment by attaching itself to his motorcycle.

Peter, who was waiting to catch his uncle’s true killer (Marko), fell asleep wearing his costume. Later, the symbiote fuses to Parker’s costume, waking him up at the top of the building wearing a black Spiderman suit. The suit helped him enhanced his powers; however, it brought the dark side of him. After his battle against Marko, who became Sandman, Spiderman developed an aggressive and brutal personality, alienating Mary Jane. Similar to the comic version, Spiderman rejected the symbiote after realizing the bad side of it. Thus, the symbiote found Eddie Brock and became Venom.

Why does Venom hate Spiderman?

After Spiderman had rejected the symbiote twice, he started to hate Spiderman. Eddie Brock, on the other hand, lost his job because of Peter Parker and Spiderman. Thus, Venom was born. Their hatred for Spiderman had led to future battles that often Venom would lose. In the Amazing Spiderman comic series, there are a couple of Venom vs Spiderman that you can read.

Is Venom a friend or a foe?

Venom has two beings: the symbiote and Eddie Brock. Although both bonded, Venom has two personalities. Clash after clash against Spiderman, the symbiote and Eddie Brock had changed. Venom from supervillain became an anti-hero and can be an anti-villain too.

Despite being brutal and aggressive, Venom started going after the bad guys, like what heroes would do. However, there are instances that he would still fight against Spiderman.