What are the Benefits of Biking or Cycling?

Some people do cycling or biking as an exercise while some do it because it is their mode of transportation. It is true for some countries. But did you know that biking has a lot of benefits?

Before this article discusses the benefits of biking, let’s talk about cycling. The cycling concept was invented in 1817 by Baron Karl von Drais. The machine he invented wasn’t exactly the bicycle but something that helped him walk faster in the royal gardens. The machine he made didn’t have any pedals, chains, and gears. He made it move by pushing his feet against the ground. Through the advancement in technology, that device was transformed into the bicycle that you know today.

Here are the different benefits of biking or cycling:

  • It relieves symptoms of arthritis

Biking is considered to be one of the best exercises to reduce and prevent symptoms of arthritis. It doesn’t matter if you are doing indoor static cycling or outdoor cycling. Both can yield the same results.

When you are biking, your lower legs and thigh muscles are flexing and contracting which can help keep your joints pain-free and mobile.

  • It has an anticancer potential

Cancer and other diseases can be reduced or prevented if you are going to involve yourself in physical activities like biking. According to studies, people who were involved in high or moderate physical activities during early or middle ages have reduced cancer risk compared to those who did not have physical activities.

In another study, using bicycles as a mode of transportation can lower your risk of cancer.

  • It promotes weight loss

You can burn a lot of calories in biking. If you are going to go cycling at a speed of 10 mph, you can possibly burn 260 calories in an hour. During the activity, your buttocks, calves, core, hamstrings, and thighs are employed. Doing it regularly can help you in maintaining a lean body structure.

  • It reduces pain

Pain management is one of the benefits of biking. It is even considered to be an exercise that is “releasing.” This kind of exercise is responsible for alleviating psychological and physiological issues like pain, tension, and stress.

Biking is a proven pain-reduction strategy that is used and accepted widely. It is usually used on children but adults can benefit from it as well.

  • It helps you with stress management

If you want to have fun and reduce the stress that you feel, then you should go biking. According to experts, being involved in sports can reduce the stress of an individual. However, not all people can play sports. Fortunately, you can get the same benefits from cycling as it also reduces depression and stress. Aside from you can do it in your free time, you do not need to coordinate with other people as you do with sports.

If you have decided to do biking as an exercise, it is best if you have a heart rate monitor. Click here to know what we think are the best heart rate monitor for biking.