What is a power washer and how does it differ from a pressure washer

To clean the exterior of your house thoroughly, you will need to hire a professional exterior cleaning firm. While a professional cleaning service should know the main difference between pressure washing and power washing, you should also understand them as well. Understanding the difference between these two services can help you ascertain if you have given the job to the right company or not. Both power washers and pressure washers achieve the same results and are quite effective with a range of surfaces and objects. However, there are several defining differences between the two washers because of the particular applications that work best with either of them.

Power Washers

A power washer refers to a washer that produces a powerful flow of hot water at a stable flow rate. The temperature of the water determines whether it’s suitable to be labeled a power washer or not. You can achieve certain temperatures by utilizing the thermostat gauge, and due to the high pressure and temperature, it is possible to remove stubborn objects like chewing gum from your sidewalks. Besides a power washer is also useful in killing moss and weeds, or removing mold and mildew. A power washer works best when there’s a lot of stuff to deal with or tackle.

While these machines only discharge water, the power magnitude makes them extremely dangerous to any unprofessional. It is safe to hire a power washing service to tackle all your power washing needs to avoid damaging your property or endangering yourself. Since power washers use a lot of force, you should only use it on hard surfaces such as sidewalks, patios, driveways, decks, and fences. These areas require that additional force to remove all the dirt and grime from their surfaces.

Pressure Washers

Pressure washers, on the other hand, are washers that entirely depend on the force of the water instead of temperature. The force of water shoots out at very high pressure and will remove the dirt, mildew, mold and any other hazardous materials. Just like power washers, these machines are compatible with walkways, walls, and decks but they do not have a heating component to maintain the water temperature. Cleaning masonry, concrete, and brick are the most befitting to a pressure washer. When there is no ground dirt or mold to contend with, this machine tends to offer a fast and effective cleaning solution. Just like a power washer, pressure washing is carried out using heavy machinery meaning you should only allow a professional pressure washing company to do it.


Since the water velocity is the same in a power washer and a pressure washer, it’s vital to allow these services to be carried out on hard exteriors. If you perform these services on your house, you might risk damaging the siding or paint job of your home. Whichever cleaning method you choose, if you are not adequately trained to use a power washer or pressure washer, you might end up damaging the surface you are cleaning. It is better to be safe than sorry.