What is a water filter pitcher

It is every human’s basic need to have a water source that is very clean, in this article; we will let you know several things about it, especially what it is, how it works, why you should use it, its benefits and some of the available water filter pitchers that you can get for yourself in order to have access to clean and pure drinking water.

Now, what is a water filter pitcher? It is simply a self-contained container that can hold different volumes of water that lowers water contamination by removing the impurities which are in that water, and this water is specifically cleansed for drinking. The best thing about this water filter is that is very light and portable.


Dragon alkaline water filter pitcher, it removes contaminations from your water by using a number of technologies; it also softens the water by raising the PH of that water. Reshape water alkaline water filter pitcher, and it has the ability to filter and alkalize your water; this model has two filter cartridges. Seychelle pitcher water filter pitcher, this is the fastest model one can use to filter water, it also very effective, it can remove up to 99.9% of the contaminations from the water hence make the water very safe for consumption

How it works

It uses the cartridge or a carbon filter to block all the present contaminants in the water. While pouring water into a pitcher, it will first flow to the filter where the removal of contaminant takes place, from this it will then drain into the water container as clean water ready for drinking.

The contaminant they get rid of

  • Here is a list of contaminant that a carbon filter can effectively get rid of;
  • It can remove chlorine which is used to disinfect municipal water.
  • Trihalomethane compounds which are a by-product of chlorine.
  • Volatile organic chemicals which are found in pesticides
  • Giardia, this parasite can survive in cold water for three months. Hence it is a hard task to clear a water source that has been invaded by this parasite.

Why use a water filter pitcher

  • They produce very pure and healthy water for drinking.
  • It should be used because the water people drink is not always as clean and pure as they believe.
  • Tap water travel for miles before reaching your destination, through this, they pass through contaminated pipes hence reach your destination when they are already contaminated.
  • It is a less expensive method to purify drinking water and will only need your 30 to 60 minutes, and you will have the purest and healthiest water for drinking.

Its health benefits

  • An absence of chlorine, chlorine is very dangerous to the overall health of a human being since a lot of studies have linked it to several illnesses.
  • Less lead, this method will enable you to lower the lead contents in your water, hence minimize your risk of contracting diseases that are brought by ingestion of lead.
  • With this method, you will get rid of all the plastics in your water; this is beneficial because the presence of plastic in your water is very harmful to your health as well.