What Should You Know about Batteries?

While you are out fishing, the only thing you need at that time is a reliable battery that will help to run your boat. With a good battery and the knowledge on how to select a good battery, you will not feel disappointed. You will always go for that battery that will operate for long hours and you will not strive a lot to maintain it.

Types of batteries

Wet cell

This is a basic type of battery you can use in a trolling motor. You need to know that it is affordable and also the cheapest type of battery. When you consider having this one, you will put up with some extra effort to try and maintain it. It uses acid and also distilled water that needs to be refilled from time to time.

It uses acid and if you are not careful, it may leak as it is not sealed. It can lead to being corroded and can cause a negative impact to performance or even cause a complete damage. It can cause to a further leakage due to susceptible vibrations that occur on water. It is good if you only choose to invest more time in maintaining it.

Absorbed Glass Matt Batteries

They are latest in the market with a high price. They have a plating of fiberglass and firmly sealed giving no room to any leakages. The position to place can be on the side or even your best angle that you choose.

The good thing about the seal on it is that no toxic gases that will be released in the environment. This is good because there is no need of ventilation case. The charging is double the wet cell battery and has a multiple life span. They are resistant to vibrations and cold. You have to be careful as it is sensitive to overcharging.


They are considered to be the best in trolling motors. They charge very fast and can last for a long period while out of water. If you avoid overcharging and overheating from taking place, they can qualify to stay for years. It is light than wet cell and AGM batteries so allowing for higher speeds but they are real expensive by far.

The lifespan

A battery will have to decline its services over time due to the process that take place inside while discharging and charging. The type of battery you choose to use will depend with a lot of things for it to last for long.

Some will need extra maintenance services for it to prolong its lifespan. Others may vary from one manufacturer to another for it to stay long while active. Some will need not to be overheated or overcharged so that it will not lose its value on the services it will render.


You need to observe all these when you need a reliable trolling motor battery. The knowledge will help you to select for a battery that will work out for you and appreciate its work. There is no need to assume or even doubt on the services of a particular battery. Select what you need and you know it will do great on your boat.