What to expect when losing weight

If you desperately want to lose weight, before you even start doing anything, first consider what you look like if you lost weight. Many overweight people are motivated so much by how good they will look afterwards when they are able to finally wear their new and smaller clothes, which they miss to consider something that’s equally important – how they will look like underneath those clothes. Many forget to take into account the “other” challenges that come with losing weight.

So what changes should one expect when losing weight?

Extra Sagging Skin

When one loses weight, the skin in the areas where fat used to be will unquestionably sag. This commonly happens in the upper arm area on the skin opposite the armpit, in the stomach, and in the inner thighs. The more fat is lost in these areas, the more skin will droop. This is just one of the downside of losing weight. However, for those who are not fond of wearing two-piece bathing suits, sleeveless shirts or mid-rib tops or blouses, this is really not a problem. For them, as long as those extra sagging skin are hidden, life goes on. Losing the extra weight is all that really matters. The “looking good” part, that will be dealt with on a personal level via personal choice.

Stretch Marks

Stretch marks happen when the skin is shrunk abruptly, like when the weight loss is done rapidly. This is because the skin is not given enough time to shrink naturally. Stretch marks are commonly found in the inner upper arms, in the stomach, on the upper thighs, and on the back portion of the legs.

Difficulty Sleeping

People who want to lose weight rapidly almost always change their diet. Some, for the want to lose the weight as fast as possible, stop eating or do fasting. Some stop eating the foods they think contain sugar and fat.  The absence of certain minerals and vitamins from food disturbs the hormones in the body. This abrupt change in food intake creates havoc in the body and as a result, certain activities of the body are affected, just like sleeping.

Feeling Cold Most of the Time

This should not be hard to understand: when you lose weight, you lose the fat parts of your body. Without the fat layers, it’s easy for the cold to get into the skin. On a more serious note, people who lose a lot of weight feel cold because of hormonal and metabolic rate changes. When losing weight, the body automatically decreases the metabolic rate to preserve energy.

Would you still like to lose weight? Well, there’s really nothing wrong with wanting to lose weight. In fact, to want to lose weight is good! There is, however, a proper way to do it. Health and fitness experts suggest that they best way to lose the excess weight and look good the whole time – before, during, and after – it is to combine proper dieting with regular exercise.

As a takeaway, remember this: Just like everything else in this life, it is good to always begin with the end in mind. If you want to lose the excess weight, first consider what you would look like if you lost weight . If you want to look good, do it the right way!