Worst Skin Care Habits that You are Probably Doing

Everyone has their own bad habits when taking care of their skin – that is without any question. Unfortunately, these practices could cause permanent damage to the skin. To find out if you are doing the right skin care or not, here are the top worst skin care habits that you are probably doing:

1. Popping the pimples

Who isn’t tempted to pop their pimples? Almost everyone is; however, popping them good can lead to more breakouts, and worse, infection and scarring.

Dermatologists are always serious when they try to warn everyone not to pop pimples because there are cases that it could worsen the inflammation, leading to infection, especially on the areas where they call the “triangle of death”. According to the experts, popping a pimple in this area can cause some serious health problem, including tumor (benign and malignant), cancer, and worst death.

So, refrain from popping your pimples, especially on the dangerous area of the face; instead, talk to the experts and find out the best remedy for acne or how to remove the pimples in the safest ways.

2. Over exfoliation

Exfoliating is one of the best practices when it comes to taking care of the skin; however, overdoing it can cause damage, including dry skin, breakouts, and if you have oily facial skin, it’ll cause the skin to produce more oil instead of suppressing it.

According to the experts, over-exfoliation reaps out the benefits of exfoliating the skin.
Since it takes time for the skin to recover after it has been exfoliated, exfoliating again the same day or the next day can cause skin irritation and may lead to serious skin problems. Experts recommend exfoliating the skin once or twice a week.

3. Over washing the face

It is recommended to strip off the oil on the face twice a day; however, overdoing it will increase the production of natural oil on the face instead of suppressing it. According to the experts, when the skin starts to get dehydrated is produces more oil to support the skin from what was lost; if you try to wash the face over and over just to eliminate the oil, the skin is triggered to produce more oil, making your face look very oily.

Instead of washing your face several times a day, try to use safe moisturizer; there are several effective moisturizers that are formulated for oily skin. At SavvyBeautySnob.com there are a lot of beauty tips on how to take care of oily facial skin, as well as, best facial moisturizers and more.

4. Sleeping without washing the face

No matter how tired you are, always wash your face, especially when you are wearing makeup. Sleeping with makeup on or sleeping without washing the face after a tiring day outside will cause breakouts, skin irritation, and even inflammation. Remember that the residue from your makeup may seep into the pores, as well as, the dirt and pollution from the outside, leading to a facial skin problem.

There are a lot more to recite about women’s bad habit when it comes to taking care of the face and the overall skin. If you want radiant and glowing skin, always make sure to clean your face and the entire body the safest and effective ways.