Body fortress whey protein review

Body Fortress products are manufactured in New York and their products are quite affordable including protein powder. This review is exclusive on everything Body Fortress protein powder.

The Nutrition

Scale down to read more in this Body fortress whey protein review. In just 50 grams you can get several scoops and each will provide 200 calories. It has 30g of protein, 8gms of carbohydrates inclusive is 1gm of fiber, 5rgms of fat in which 2.5 of the content is saturated. The amount of cholesterol in this product is a little high at 42% of what you are supposed to take on a daily basis. Each scoop has 110 mg of sodium making it saltier than what you should take on average. The amount of magnesium, calcium, and potassium is commendable.

Know its Ingredients

One of the major ingredients of this pack is the super whey protein blend. The blend is a combination of a whey isolate and a whey concentrate. From this, you can tell that it contains more concentrate which is more carbs and fat than the isolate level which has low-calorie levels and is inexpensive.

Maltodextrin is another ingredient which is a sweetener and is made from corn and wheat. Others are natural and artificial flavors, cocoa, soy lecithin that works towards improving mixability, cellulose gum which is a stabilizer and a thickener. The artificial sweeteners used are sucralose which is sometimes referred to as Splenda, and acesulfame potassium.

A super recovery blend is part of it and contains 1.5gms of taurine, I-glutamine, and creatine.

The Benefits

The taurine is at a good amount and is responsible for improving the flow of blood and increase your exercise capacity. Glutamine here doesn’t have any use but generally, the blend is useful for your general well-being. The protein powder is effective because as a whey, it consists of all the amino acids required by the body for various functions. However, it doesn’t have any digestive enzymes. For individuals who are lactose intolerant, or have digestive issues with powdered proteins you might want to seek a different option.

Sweeteners like acesulfame potassium and other ingredients like soy can be beneficial but other users might not like the two.

Is it worth?

The product is available on several online stores. For 2 pounds of this package, you can get at about $30. The size of the servings of the Body Fortress protein is bigger than that of others and when making a rice comparison in terms of metrics, the product is cheap than most of the whey products. It is advisable to use a blender in mixing the power in your favorite drink so that the chunks of protein powder cannot be seen and so it doesn’t stick to your mouth. The flavor is cocoa-like and is bold. It doesn’t last in your mouth for a very long time. So forget about having a profound reaction from the taste. It is recommended to add in your drinks or beverages that accompany meals for you to benefit fully.