Dating Tips for Guys Who Can’t Overcome Shyness

The term wallflower cannot only refer to women. Well, there are some men who are chronically shy that can be considered as one. They can’t muster up the courage to approach the lady they like, which results in them only longing from a far, far distance.

Are you one of these guys? Are you teeming with shyness that it has become a problem in catching the lady you desire?

First off, you need to know that there are no men born with confidence and a lady killer charm. Even the most outgoing men started to crawl before they became what they are. You have to understand that being shy is a normal condition. Every guy has been on your shoes; however, they have learned to come out of their shell and gain confidence.

And, how can you stop that shyness from getting in the way of your dating life? It’s simple! All you have to do is follow these tips.

#1 Build Friendships with Women

Some guys who are shy around women have little to no experience of dealing with the opposite sex. It is possible that the person has no sister or lives only with men most of his life.

If you are uncomfortable around ladies, what you can do to break that shell is to build a friendship with women who you aren’t attracted like your colleagues. It can serve as your practicing ground until you get comfortable being with them.

#2 Learn How to Read Her Signals

Of course, a lady can’t walk into your table and demand your phone number. It doesn’t work that way.

A woman who is attracted to a guy shows subtle signals telling the person she’s interested. Thus, you have to learn how to identify these signals and learn what they mean. For example, if the lady keeps on throwing glances at you, or sits in your proximity, these are the tips she’s telling you to ‘come here and talk to me’.

#3 Strike a Friendly Conversation to Warm Her Up

When you spot a lady whom you are interested, remember that she’s also another person. It means that she’s like any other woman you conversed with in the store or a stranger at the park. Hence, there is no reason to back out from striking a conversation with her.

Now, when you worked up the courage to talk to her, begin with a light and friendly conversation. Avoid being too forward and crass, it will only drive her away. Also, compliments are welcome.

When she starts to open up and direct her body towards you, it means she’s interested and having fun.

#4 Rejection Always Happen

Rejections do not mean all hope is lost for your dating life. It can happen to anyone, even to the most confident person out there. Take rejections as nothing personal. Be grateful regardless of her feedback. And, take in mind that she is not the only woman in the world.

#5 Find a Reliable Dating Guru

The above tips are simple guidelines on how to start your dating life. But if you need deeper advice, what you’ll need is a reliable dating source like the

Being shy around women doesn’t entirely mean you are hopeless. All it takes is a few practices and a reliable dating guide to bring out the Casanova in you.